Oh!! That’s the Youth.SG Campus SPY!

How do you feel when you are the first person to know the ‘insider’ news that a ex-celebrity is going to be your school teacher in the coming new term?

How do you feel when you saw something funny (e.g. someone dress as Darth Vader to class?) that you want to tell all your friends about it?

Or how about sharing some ‘secret‘ activities or hideouts in your school/universities that can only be found in your school, and not any other places? (like this – Warning: Above 18 only!)

Be the Ultimate Campus Spy today, and the ‘insider’ in your school, and bring to light issues that are left under the radar.

the ultimate campus spy

Sometimes, students (or even teachers!) are just tired of those ‘official’ news and happenings reported in their school newsletters. We need someone cool & funky to get those interesting stories that your school newsletter will NEVER publish!

Also, that this opportunity to be a writer/journalist to build up your portfolio!

Interested? Find out more here!


When I was in my Junior College days…

I started blogging, using the then-most-popular platform Blogger.com. I didn’t know what to write about. Like all others, it is just like your online diary, where you just blog ‘what time you go to school’, ‘did any teacher catch you for being late’, ‘you saw a pretty girl/cute boy, but don’t dare to approach her’…etc.

If you do blog when you’re still in school, I can assure that you blog about those too, rite?

But somehow, it becomes very boring and mundane, and it seems like my blog posts are just going round in circles, and when you look back a year of posts, you see that your life just circulates around ‘going to school-catch movie-hate my subjects-exam stress-holiday…” . It even comes to a point you don’t feel like blogging any more, as your blog title is just going to be the same as others…

Now, things are different!

You don’t have to keep on writing those usual stuffs around your life.

You can now blog about things you see through the eyes of a campus spy!

In fact, I can tell you that many students are already campus spies themselves. Anything that is happening around the school, they want to know…even to the minor things like “where is the cleanest toilet in our school?” & “the best location to do self-study that nobody in whole school knows yet!

Being a campus spy with Youth.SG, will give you the chance to dig deep into the observations and happenings around your school from the eyes of a ‘normal student’, not a adult teacher who is tasked to write school newsletters. 🙂

Don’t worry…

you don’t need to write in perfect English with fabulous idioms or vocabulary like your GP essay…

you won’t be asked to write 1000 word articles (this is not your project work report:P)…

you don’t need to know the technicalities of blogging or any HTML coding

We just need your knack of looking at things differently, and be a spy to report juicy news from every corner of your campus 🙂

And if you aspire to be a journalist in the future, here’s the chance for you to be one now!


So what about me?

I’m tasked to be a blogger mentor for the spies! But I don’t wanna call myself a blogger mentor, or an expert in blogging. I’m also just an ordinary guy, who blogs about things I observe online and offline, writes about things people want to know (or don’t want to know)… and probably I just did these earlier and better than the campus spies. I believe many of them will be a top blogger in their areas one day! 🙂

Along with me, are my other blogging friends.


Above is Darryl Kang, who is widely known as dk – the self-confessed obsessive compulsive blogger. He blogs at http://blog.dk.sg . He’s a funny person to talk to too 🙂



And here is Luke! I get to know him when we are contestants for the World’s Coolest Intern contest back then in 2010. He’s someone I know who won lots of prizes from online blogging contests, with prizes like iPad! I think you would wanna learn how to win prizes through contests from him! Find him at http://www.lukeyishandsome.com/


dingneng blogger mentor.

Alright. This is me. 🙂

And there are a few more Blogger mentors who are yet to be introduced, and they are coming up to share more on to become a better blogger and online journalism too.

And below is a picture we took during the celebration of the revamp of the Youth.SG website.

Youthsg campus spy network.

The first get-together session for all spies and blogging mentors will be on 21st May 2011. If you yet to sign up as the Ultimate Campus SPY, sign up now, and see you there!

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