5 Tips To Writing A Delicious Blog post

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not revamping my blog to a food blog with delicious and mouth watering food pictures. But I’m going to share how to write a delicious blog post, that people will love to read, and take action after reading it (just like you feeling to bite that hamburger in that picture, after looking at it for some time!)

5 tips for you to write a delicious blog post:


Tip 1: Make Your Content Worthwhile and Valuable.

Have a clear idea in mind what is the main objective of your blog post. Are you writing to address an ongoing internet marketing issue? Are you writing to give some internet marketing tips for your online friends who have been struggling for about a year online? Are you writing to get your customer list take some action (make a purchase?)

Define your objective, and also think of who your audience is, so your content is written relevant to them. Try not to just write for fun, or write with no objective in mind. Your readers will get lost in the end.


Tip 2: Keep Your Post Short And Sweet.

Try to keep your post within 500 words maximum. Of course, you can write long articles of a few thousand words if you really got some real value or experience to share with your readers (just like this post!). But for majority of the posts, less than 500 words would be good. You’ll also have fun blogging, and not bogged down by the ‘thousand-words essay’ requirement.

Add images or videos to supplement the word-rich blog post too!


Tip 3: Keep Your Blog Post Lively!

People love to see you having fun writing your post, and they would love to share your excitement too! Use more action words, and descriptive words to show your delightful emotions. People will feel your joy while reading your post, and you won’t sound like a lecturer or a preacher to them!


Tip 4: Write Clearly. In Simple English

Ok. Your readers are not English Professors (at least most of them aren’t!). Hence, you don’t have to write your post with profound English vocabulary to impress them. People also don’t like to refer to the dictionary constantly for explanation of your ‘intelligent’ words.

Hence, write in simple English, that a 5th grader would understand. Write in the same way you are chatting with some one. This again will make you sound less like a lecturer. 🙂


Tip 5: Have A Strong CALL TO ACTION!

So at the end of the post, what do you want your readers to do next? Do you want them to share their similar stories in the comment box below your post? Do you want them to share your post to people they love? Do you want them to fill up a subscription form? Do you want them to make a purchase? Do you want them to contact you for more information regarding your business?

If you post is of value and helpful to them, they will be more than happy to share it with other people.  *So add more value to your post! 🙂

Now. Let me do my Call-To-Action. I like to hear from you! What other ways do you use to make your blog post delicious too? Share it below 🙂

7 thoughts on “5 Tips To Writing A Delicious Blog post

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  2. Sonny Lanorias

    Hi Ding,

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. I feel hungry now.. lol. Anyway to me, I follow the 4 E’s which are:
    1. Empowering
    2. Educational
    3. Entertaining
    4. Enlightening
    Thanks again!

    1. dingneng

      Hey Sonny! thanks so much for your 4Es. I will insert the 4Es into my upcoming posts! Wow. That would make my blog post more delicious yea? 🙂

      Yea. I look at the burger, and i’m quite hungry too. How you wish you can take a bite at that picture inside yea? 🙂

        1. dingneng

          Haha. Yea! Writing a post is easy, but writing a good one that will keep our readers coming for more may be a little challenging. But nevertheless, it’s more profitable yea!

          Sonny, you’ve a great potential in writing. People really needs to learn from you 🙂

    1. dingneng

      Hey Jackie, Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Yeap. Writing a Delicious blog really takes some practice and it sure can be done! See you around soon!


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