Why I Say Sarah Chong Can Be The World’s Coolest Intern?

Right now, after almost 3 weeks of World’s Coolest Intern contest, which brought me up to Top 20 World Coolest Intern, it is now down to the Top 10.

10 more cool people to compete for the coveted World’s Coolest Intern Crown.

I must say all the top 10 contestants now are really really Cool (I’m Serious).

But today, I like to mention one of the top10 intern, Sarah Chong

I wrote this post is based on my opinion on how I found out about Sarah Chong, and some of the qualities and characteristics that she posses throughout this competition.

Now,  you may say how can I write so much about her, when I never met her b4, except online.

Yea, you’re right! I don’t know how big her family is, where she stay, what she like to eat…etc. I don’t know these. Her boyfriend will know all these.

But I do know what make her the World’s Coolest Intern, with Standard Chartered Breeze Team.

Since she is going to partner up with Standard Chartered Breeze team, i thought it would be nice how Sarah can fit into SCB.

I’m going to talk about her, using SCB.

So what is SCB?

S – Sociable

S is for Sarah. S is also for Sociable.

Throughout this competition, I must say that she is very sociable keep herself connected with many other contestants. She makes every effort to connect with other coolest guys and gals thru Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes LinkedIn too.

S is not Shy here. Sarah is friendly on social media and built a network of followers from all over the world. She shares information generously, noticeably helping me tweet and share my blog posts a few times on Twitter 🙂

In business, we often say it’s not “What you know, but Who you know.” But now, I want to add in and say, “It’s not Who you know, but Who Knows You!”

Sarah has built her personal brand through her blog and social media, and is famously known by many highly influential people online too. Hence, it’s no surprise that she is the co-founder of popular social media blog, Penn-Olsen.


In my opinion, i thought that the winner would be working with StanChart Breeze (SCB) to promote their latest mobile banking app Breeze to the world. If that’s the case, they would need someone who is sociable online, with huge networks, and with a brand that people would like and trust.

That person would be Sarah.

C – Competent

When i first read more about Sarah when she’s in her top10, I discover something that I wouldn’t be able to do… yet! As a blogger myself, and blogging since 2005, i have never written a blog post everyday … and Sarah did it for a year!

365 blog posts in 365 days. That speaks of Ultimate Discipline she has! But of course, she mentioned that she stopped blogging for a while after that 1 year marathon. haha! But in any case, she did it, and it’s really an incredible feat!

If SCB got her, i think she can do stuffs that others won’t be able to do. To SCB, i don’t know what you want her to do if she is your Coolest Intern, but i believe she is competent to her work of making Breeze an world-renowned brand.

I want to give one more C to her.


Let her top10 video explains her creativity.

You will know so much about her in this Simple and Cool 1:28 min video, than reading someone’s 1000-word resume.

We all know Social Media is really crowded right now, with so many brands competing for a voice to be heard. However, it’s not really hard, if you have creativity.

SCB, if you lack creativity for your social media campaigns, just add Sarah to your team.

B – Brilliant

Sarah is Brilliant. Sarah is Smart.

Okay. Sarah is from Singapore Management University, studying business management and economics. No doubt she is academically smart! At my point of writing this, i think she is at Hong Kong for exchange now.

She is also Social Media Smart! She is up to date with all social media news and the latest social media tools. (Hey, if not how can she be the co-founder of Penn Olsen yea?)

Knowing Social Media is one thing. Using Social Media is another thing. Sarah knows and uses Social Media, and that’s why she’s in the top 10 today!

By looking at how she surf into the top10 by using cutting-edge technology and social media tools, it’s really HARD not to include Sarah into your Breeze team, don’t you think so SCB? 🙂

If you want Sarah to be the World’s Coolest Of The Coolest Intern, go ahead and ‘Like‘ this post, and Tweet it to StanChart Breeze!

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