Why I Participate In Article Marketing Contest And Why You Should Not!

If you have been following me closely online or on my Facebook Fan Page, you would have known that I’m taking part in a article marketing contest organized by EzineArticles.com – #HAHD6 100 Articles In 100 Days Marathon.

The challenge is simple. Write 100 articles (400 words above) in 100 days, submit to EzineArticles.com, get approved by them, and get your prize! If you write more, you get more prizes 🙂

HAHD5 Ezine Articles Certified

I have participated in the #HAHD5 contest and got a certificate from them already. Yeap! I wrote 100 articles to qualify for it. But many people ask me why I’m writing articles. What do I write for?

So in this post, I will list down my Top 5 reasons for participating in this Article Marathon challenge. (It’s Ranked!)

1. More Traffic

You’re right! I want to be honest with you. My first and top objective of writing articles is to generate traffic to my blog and also some of my lead capture pages. Article Marketing is one of my free traffic generation strategies to drive more traffic, generate more leads, and hence more sales for me.

Most of my articles are in the niche of network marketing, home-based business, traffic generation and related niches. So writing articles in this niche, which is also what I blog about, I will drive targeted readers who want to know more about me, to my blog.

2. Contributing Articles To Online Community

My no.2 reason is to put more of my works online into the community. This is part of me writing well and contributing value to the online community through article writing.

I also thought that since I have also written some ‘kick-ass’ articles on my blog, why not I re-purpose them into articles in article directory? I get my content exposed more to people!

3. Improve My Article Marketing Skills

I have just came to do article marketing for about 6 months. And I’m really a newbie that time. Haha. My first article I submitted is the article I bought online, from a package of articles. However, contrary to what the ‘article package’ claims, the articles i bought are not original. In other words, this article is sold to many other people also!

EzineArticles.com do not accept PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, and only accept Original articles. Failure to comply will result in termination of your account. Hence, once i realized that, I stopped buying articles, and went to write my own article. However, my article marketing results are not up to my expectation.

But I thing I know, is to keep writing and writing and you will improve over time. And through this article marathon challenge, I feel that I’m getting better at writing posts that are SEO-Optimized, and have Higher click through rate(CTR). The first post I wrote for HAHD#6 got me 23 views within 1st hour of publishing and 33.3% CTR. 🙂


My no.4 reason is the Prizes EzineArticles.com gave out to all qualified expert authors! Come’on there must be attractive prizes in a contest yea. If not why would people participate in it, right? So one of the reasons I’m in this #HAHD6 contest is because of the prizes.

If you want to know what exactly the prizes are, click here to check it out!

5. Pushing Limits

I have never written 100 articles before. Not even in secondary school or junior college English subjects. Haha. So writing 100 articles (in 100 days) is definitely a challenge. I also believe it is possible, after I learned about my friend, ezine articles cardsSarah Chong (one of the cool interns), she wrote 1 blog post a day for an entire year!

Actually I have already achieved 100 articles in 100 days in HAHD#5 series. But I can tell you I’m not that disciplined yet. The last 30 days of the HAHD#5 contest go in with my school exams, and that pushed me back in writing my articles way till the final 3 days. Crazy or not, I wrote 30 articles in a day to finish the contest. Lol!

So my goal now is to complete the HAHD#6 contest with 200 articles (‘cos there’s incentive to do so!) and all of them SEO-Optimized with higher CTR:)

WHY You Should Not Participate in HAHD#6!

1. If you are a better salescopy-writer

You can’t write ‘salesly’ content in your articles. In other words, you can’t sell or write self-promotional content in your articles. Again, EzineArticles won’t approve them.

2. If you don’t like writing articles.

Article writing is not for everybody. This is true. If you hate writing articles, you won’t write good articles that people will read. You may have better talent in doing videos or writing ads for PPC advertising. You will get more results in them, than article marketing.

3. If you want to ‘game’ EzineArticles.com

If you want to game EzineArticles by using some software or article tools that can spin out 1000 more articles from an original copy, do not join. EzineArticles do not like it, and you will be wasting time submitting 1000 articles which are rejected.

Submitting duplicate articles is also like an act of ‘dumping rubbish’ into the online community. It’s uncool.

So right now, I’m into day 3 of the competition, and I have about 197 articles more to achieve my goal (oops! am I’m late on schedule again?) If you want to be updated throughout my contest, come join me at my Facebook Fanpage. If you’re part of the HAHD#6 challenge too, let’s be friends and push each other to achieve our goals together!

7 thoughts on “Why I Participate In Article Marketing Contest And Why You Should Not!

  1. rowenabolo

    Wow Ding, you are really experiencing lots of breakthrough this 2011 :)…It surely takes lots of discipline to complete this 100 articles in 100 days, but knowing you, this is just another opportunity you would gladly take to allow yourself to grow!

    We are proud of you, and keep shinin’ this year…
    Can’t wait to read your future posts/articles.


    1. dingneng

      Hello Rowena! Yea. 100 articles 100 days is a challenge. That will test on discipline and consistency. I heard about your Blogging challenge too, and yeap! that takes discipline and consistency too Rowena!

      I have full belief that you will achieve that Prove It Challenge too! All the Way!:))

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Ding,

    All the best with your challenge!

    I’m big on article marketing; at last count I had….well…..quite a few articles published. I don’t even count anymore because I know it’s both quality and quantity that matter.

    That’s why I feel writing 1 article a day works well. You have enough time to focus on the quality of the article: keyword selection, placement, readability, etc.

    Some days I focused on writing 5 – 10 article a day. It was too much for me. I hit certain numbers but my articles didn’t attract many readers.

    Your reasons not to enter the contest are on point too. No sense in forcing things if you don’t like writing articles and it’s always a terrible idea to try to play Ezinearticles or any other ezine publisher. It comes back to bite you in the behind every time.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Ding.


    1. dingneng

      Hey Ryan, great to see you back again. You made a point. Quality and quantity matters in both article marketing. And writing too many articles in a day can really drain you out. Just like how i rush through the last competition. Haha! That makes me stop writing for the next 14 days! 😛

      Thanks for sharing your insights here too, and hope to see you back sooN!

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