So Where Am I?

Yo! You wanna know where am I? What I’ve been up to?

Then this page is for you! I decided to use this page to diary down my activities, online & offline, be it attending events, speaking at events, winning contests, being a volunteer, my online works…etc. As long as it’s activity I’ve participated in, and if I find it’s interesting, I will definitely shared it here! (this will be constantly updated & the latest event on top!)

So check out my footprints below!



NTU Toastmaster – University of Macau Exchange (Jan 2012)

Planning a whole trip is not easy, and definitely not any easier leading 15 other toastmasters for an exchange trip to Macau! But I manage to do it successfully, all because of the help and cooperation of my fellow NTU Toastmasters, and friends from University of Macau. Lots of fun, lots of interaction and lots of experience from this trip.

I have documented my whole experience and adventure in organizing and executing this whole NTU-UMac Exchange here.


Singapore Delegation for China-ASEAN Youth Camp 2011 (3-10 Nov 2011)

I’m part of the 7-men Singapore delegation team for the China-ASEAN Youth Camp 2011, where young journalists from China and other ASEAN countries come together to learn and share their knowledge on how to bring journalism in the region to a higher level. The trip itinerary was filled with cultural exchanges, conferences, discussions, shopping and visits to tertiary institutions and prominent private and government establishments.

Check out all the action here!


First Time as Counting Agent for 2011 Singapore Presidential Elections (August 2011)

A great experience and opportunity for me to be part of the counting team which counted votes till 3.30am for the fiercely-contested Singapore Presidential Elections 2011. Though my preferred choice of candidate didn’t win it, I’m pleased to have played my role and responsibility of making every vote count. I also recounts my learning journey in politics here.


Blogger Mentor for Youth.SG Ultimate Campus Spy Network (1. May 2011~Feb 2012, 2. 31 March 2012 ~ )

I’m tasked by Youth.SG to be a blogger mentor for their Ultimate Campus Spy Network, to guide several campus spies each from a school throughout Singapore to get the latest news, happenings and observations in their campus. I think this is gonna be fun, because there are so many things going about in school everyday, but it just get hidden under the radar.

It’s gonna be fun for me, as I will be going back to my old school days where I dig out many ‘interesting’ and ‘juicy’ news in their campus, and share with them how to go about blogging it online 🙂 Check out the blog post in searching for the Youth.SG Campus Spy!

There will be follow-up blog posts on how the whole event goes! Stay tuned!

1. My 1st sharing with the campus spies – Simple Blog Copywriting

2. My 2nd sharing – Campus spies Learn How to Create Buzz Online, and great campus spies articles.

3. Graduation Feb 2012 ! – An Eventful Graduation Ceremony for the campus spies… includes my Reflection too!


Sharing ‘My Life As A Social Media User’ At Nestle Singapore ( April 2011)

I attended this event with fellow popular Singapore bloggers to share about the use of digital and social media in our daily lives. It was a value-packed yet fun filled event. Check out what I shared at Nestle Singapore corporate event that day, and the fun we had too 🙂



During my summer holidays in 2011, I spent about 2 months with one of the world’s largest economic and political website, On paper, it’s an Intern. But in reality, this intern somehow allows me to be the ‘boss‘ of the website. Not a real per se, but it gives me a feel of an entrepreneur during the internship. Check out my short recount here!


World Coolest Intern Contest (Oct 2010)

This is the first ever online contest I participated in. Standard Chartered bank started this contest for the search of the world’s coolest intern, who loves social media like crazy. Check out my contest application and my productions here. I came in the top 20 coolest interns. I also won the an Honorable Mention for ‘Best Attitude‘, with my blog post here. There after, all the top20 contestants and organizing team and partners came together on Jan 2011 for a party! Check out the fun here!