When The World’s Coolest Interns Come Together Once More…

It has been almost 9 months since the World’s Coolest Intern contest. And it has been almost 5 months since the coolest interns participants last met. And we came together again this time. But as usual, we can’t get all the people to come together, as some of us have personal commitments, some overseas, some at work. ๐Ÿ™

But there are new faces this time!

You might see them in the photos later.

We met up at Fullerton Waterboat House, quite a nice place for people to chill out, especially after work. Since we come from the WCI, we definitely got to meet up at some cool place. But things weren’t that cheap over there, but we managed to enjoy ourselves, with everyone going home safely, without burning holes in their pockets ๐Ÿ˜›

We had fun discussions and conversations over different things, social media, company stories…etc, and also learn about one another, in the midst of taking shots after shots. Fortunately, nobody is drunk. Erm. I think so. Nobody is drunk ๐Ÿ™‚

Knowing one another again.

Even though we first knew each other 9 months ago online, we only have faint idea of what each other is doing in our lives right now. If my memory is working well, I should be able to write down what was shared by everyone that day, given that this meetup happens 2 weeks ago. (sorry of the late post!)


The World’s Coolest Intern is going to finish her internship with Standard Chartered very soon. In a few weeks time I think. Or has already ended when I wrote this post. Her office is at Changi Business Park, but she stayed at Bugis. She seems to be changing over to another team/department in SCB, and the office would be at City Hall! Probably that would make her smile to work every morning.


She’s at Edelman now, and she’s the most sober one among all of us, after taking multiple shots. She shared some interesting stories, and culture at her workplace, but I don’t think I can share here :P. But that’s not the best part. She performed her trademark ‘hungry face’ for us! Maybe you will see it below.


Got to meet her live for the 1st time! She’s an online & marketing manager at Peek Ptd Ltd. I still remember it ‘cos I got her name card ๐Ÿ˜› . On top of that, she’s a pro photographer, with her Canon (or Nikon? or…?). I don’t know how to use those powerful cameras, but I do like how nice the pictures are that are taken from them. Check below for the pics, or Robyn’s album here!


I remembered Sarah when I wrote a blog entry in her run for the WCI crown. Tweeted a few times but the first time meeting her live! She’s working at a PR firm and handling a few big clients! Recently connected my blogger friend with her for her client’s launch event. Oh ya, she is also the co-founder of Penn-Olson.com, soon-to-be-the-next-Mashable-of-Asia. Cool rite?


She’s a happy girl. Just graduated from NTU, traveled a few times, and recently toured Asia. Her dream is to continue traveling, and not start work anytime soon. Initially, she had a hard time deciding which job offer to take up, but she’s hot on demand after Jemimah and Christel are looking for someone to join their social media team. Oops! To her prospective employers, i think Stooffi has been taken!


The other cool guy who came for the meetup. Still as cool and looking too hot that his hair turned golden red. Last time I saw him, is in my NTU newspaper where he got featured for his gym business. But had since left the partnership a few months back. Dun worry bro, we wish you all the best for your future endeavors! You own your own gym next time! Oh ya, his hungry face looks sexy too. Haa…


The youngest and the most innocent of the lot there. But I think she’s someone who has done a lot of stuffs that normal kids at her age might not have done. She worked at a top digital media company, she’s going traveling alone to New York, and she entered a club which is meant ‘above 21 only’. She’s coming to NTU this semester! She takes over Steph to keep no. of WCI in NTU at 3. See you around next sem!


She didn’t contest in the WCI, and really lucky she didn’t contest. hehe. She’s a social media pro la. If she contested that time, I would have to relax 1 corner alr. Her Klout score is the highest there, and it’s so high that I didn’t know I had already followed her on Twitter and Facebook b4 we met that day. She got lots of funny stories, including the ‘ashtrays’ and ‘HAWTSTUPH’!!

Now come the pictures!

From Left (Top): Jeremy, Sarah, Katherine, Christel, Me, Farah, Robyn
From Left (Below): Steph, Jemimah


Cheers! (with Ribena)


Some with sexy ‘hungry faces’, some ‘feeling ashtrays’. Haa!


Check out all the pictures of the night in this Facebook album!


Though some of our gang can’t make it today, we knew that the WCI stuffs will not end. Some of us have just entered the digital media industry, some are already ruling it, while some are working towards it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s kinda fun, and more great things are going to happen between the people here!

And our ultimate aim for our meetup is still…

Get all the Top 23 from all over the world together!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Jerry Clifford

    Hi Ding,
    You have a highly educated gang and when such big minds come together they do big things. Also this is an interesting contest, I’ll certainly look out to find more on this contest. Interns are always in high demand and they’re paid well too.


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