The PhD that Every Entrepreneur Needs [Video]…

In one of my posts on my blog, I shared an article on Entrepreneurship by Singapore Successful Entrepreneur Ms Elim Chew, where she talked about “Getting a PhD” for your business.

PhD stands for P ____, H____ and D ____.

Yes! It’s Not Doctor of Philosophy (which many of my professors have…)

And certainly, you don’t need a Doctor of Philosophy degree to become an entrepreneur, but you certainly needs the “PhD” by Ms Elim Chew to become a successful entrepreneur!

Also, let me share with you how this “PhD” is so important and critical to your success in your network marketing home business!

To get the full article, you can read it here.

Question: What are the things you have done, to get your ‘PhD’ ?

Share your thoughts with me below! If you have any friends who are starting out as entrepreneurs, share the video with them, to help them get their ‘PhD’!!

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