StandChart Give Me More Than $30,000 For Being The World’s Coolest Intern.

You did not read wrongly. I want to tell you Standard Chartered Bank really gave me more than $30,000 for the being the world’s coolest intern… even before the coolest contest online ends.

And since they gave me $30,000, i would like to write a 30,000-word blog post to thank them. Okay, serious. I never wrote a 30-000 word article before, not even in my university research journal. I won’t count how many words this post gonna be, but i believe it is gonna be a looooong one πŸ™‚

Get yourself a coffee… plus some Doritos and enjoy what i wrote here πŸ™‚

In no less than 30,000 words, I’m going to share with you my
1. Full Coolest Contest Journey,
2. What Did i do to get myself into Top20
3. The $30,000 Standard Chartered gave me.

The day I got my email.

I got an email from my good buddy in NUS regarding the World’s Coolest intern contest. (I’m from NTU and didn’t know why i didn’t receive it from them till 5 days later..). But thanks to that email, it got me thinking for about 2 hours if i should go for the contest.

I asked around my friends, and they say “Why not? What you got to lose? Some more you got a blog already. Chances to win is quite high!”

True enough. I got nothing to lose! StanChart didn’t ask me to pay $1000 to participate, and i may even win a 6-month internship + Top Social Media Training by top consultants + $30,000 remuneration. Isn’t that cool?

Then I go do all those stuffs that I need to apply for it, and come up with my Promotional Video.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Got my video ready, put it up on YouTube, and start sharing around. At the time, i must say i’m the first few who upload a video application to youtube. Really! I can’t find other video on World’s Coolest Intern, other than StandChart Own WCI video. hah!

In any case, i started promoting them on Facebook and Twitter. I promoted a lot more on Facebook than on Twitter.

I gather votes by asking my Facebook friends to ‘Like‘ and ‘Share’ my blog post with their other friends online.

In total before 31st October, I got about 281 Shares and 23 Tweets on it. I really appreciate all the massive support by my friends.

World’s Top 20 Coolest Intern Announced!

World's Coolest Intern Top 20

On 2 Nov, the Top 20 World’s Coolest Interns were announced, out from the 1000+ applicants all over the world. Okay. It’s Top 23, as the applicants were too good and so Standard Chartered decide to include 3 more.

I’m in it, and it really feel good πŸ™‚ hehe. At least i thought my videos and promotional campaign were up to some standard πŸ˜›

Anyway, i don’t really know the point system of the judges, and how they rank the top23, but they do reveal that they look at the 5Cs of digital marketing. Namely…

1. Content
2. Communication
3. Creativity
4. Community
5. Consistency

So What’s Next For Top23?

We got to create another video to promote our Coolness and also invite our friends to tell @StanChartBreeze team why we are the Coolest. And so here’s the video i created and I gathered all the Cool tweets by my friends using a plugin on my blog sidebar.

Coolest Intern Tweets

Cool? Cooler? Coolest? Haha.

Oooooh!!.. Top10 Announced!

5th Nov, World’s Top 10 Coolest Intern are announced!

Top 10 of 1000+ applicants! Go check out all of them!.

Come back here after you know who are the top10 coolest people, and watched their video and twitter entries:) They are really cool.

Yup. If you didn’t see me there, you did not see wrongly too

I’m out of the contest. I’m a Top 20 Coolest Intern.

Okay. Before you go be angry with StanChart Breeze team why they didn’t include me, chill chill… I will share my opinions later. hah!

I’m still the Top20 Coolest Intern my dear friends πŸ™‚

Then Why StanChart Still Gave Me $30,000?

Okay. $30,000 is the remuneration for the winner of this contest, and I got $30,000, if not more, from StanChart for being knocked out of Top 10, you think I must be lying rite?

YES! You’re right! I lied to you!

or did it?

Haha. Give me just 2s to explain πŸ™‚

The Lie: StanChart’s $30,000 prize money is still with them. They did not give me.

The Truth: StanChart gave me what $30,000 worth of things that you and me can’t buy.

Now you know the lie. Don’t take it to heart πŸ™‚ I don’t mean to lie to you. Hope you are still as cool to read on what’s the truth πŸ™‚

What StanChart Gave Me That $30,000 Can’t Buy

1. Connections with the Coolest and Most Creative People Online. ($10,000)

They include the coolest contestants inside or outside top23. I believe simply participating in this contest is Coooool!

All the way my cool friends in the top 10!

Duane, Farah, Gaurav, Jennifer, Jonha, Katherine, Stoofi, Sarah, Robyn, Soshi.

Check all of them out in the list of Top 10 Coolest Intern here!

2. They Generate 20 litres of Creative Juice Out Of Me. ($10,000)

Okay. This may be a bit exaggerating. But really. My creativity is tested to the limit. Though i feel that i can squeeze out some more. haha!

It comes when I got to create a out-of-the-box application that stands out from the rest of applicants in the world.

Then, I got to promote myself uniquely why they should vote for me, among all other contestants.

Onto Top23, I got to create a Super-Cool video and pitch it among other top22 Rocking-Cool contestants!

I never knew i could do so much, and get so much positive comments and encouragements from my Facebook friends on my Top10 video entry. Woohoooo!

3. Massive Stress and Pressure (PRICELESS).

Haha! You may wonder why I put this in as part of StanChart’s gift to me. In all competitions, there are bound to have stress and pressure to perform. But i can say this is different.

First, the judging criteria by JamiQ for the coolest contest is quite ambiguous. We know we have to promote our items, we got to create online buzz, spread the coolest message like crazy… but we do not know how we are calculated.

That said, even if i got 281 likes on my post, I still do not know if it is enough. There might be someone who got 2810 likes more than me. Or rather, a blogpost with 28 likes might win it too? Haha! Who knows? Stresssss….

Even in World Cup, you know that you win by scoring more goals than your opponent. Straightforward. But not in this cool contest. That’s why its more FUN! haha!

Throughout that week, other than promoting myself, i’ve also been spying on competitors, searching them on Google all the way to to page 28. (if you’re in this competition, i bet you did tat too!! haha!!)

Another thing is the release of the results. This is even cooler. haha! We don’t know exactly the time of the release, and we just got to follow @StanChartBreeze latest tweets! haha. Even in World Cup, you know the winner in 90min (or 120min)… but not in this cool contest!

Hence, the Stress and Pressure from this World’s Coolest Contest is PRICELESS!Β  (can’t be bought even with $10,000!)

Thank You So Much My Supporters!

There are really a lot of people who supported me throughout this contest.

Some of them helped me to spread the word to their friends, message their whole internet marketing email list to vote for me, sharing my blog post on 5 times a day on Facebook… Thank you soooo much! πŸ™‚

Of course, not forgetting all the top23 coolest people who support each other on our way to top 10. Top10 or not, you’re already the coolest people around πŸ™‚

So What’s Next?

For now is to get back to my books to study Linear Algebra for my Mathematics test tomorrow. (how I wish they test me on Social Media man!!)

Of course, I will continue to pursue my interest in Social Media and continue to leverage on it for my business. I’m also going to evaluate my whole marketing strategy in this contest and see where do i need to improve on πŸ™‚


Of course regret la! I will be darn fake if i tell you i’m not disappointed. Okay. You finally hear me rant after all the nice things i say in front. But all the things i said earlier are all my true feelings and opinions, really πŸ™‚

Definitely, I’m a normal person, and i too feel disappointed being knocked out from top10, just like how Netherlands lose to Spain in the World Cup Final.

Spend hours creating and promoting videos, editing and putting in animations… Wow! All Time Wasted?

Ya. I could have thought of that, but i don’t think it’s wise to regard as time wasted. True, creating videos till 2am and editing till 4am, K.O till 8am and finishing at 12pm is not funny.

But this make me a stronger person in the end. A persevered guy. A get-it-done-no-matter-what guy. I almost want to give up editing the video for top10, but i get it done in the end. Pheww! So happy i get it done, and greatly received by my friends. Even though I’m not in Top 10, I still sense a great deal of personal satisfaction. (again, this can’t be bought even with $10,000 :P)

Final Thoughts?

Overall, i don’t think i can describe the thrill, enjoyment, and coolness I have in this contest.

If you got a chance to participate in future similar contest, go for it! πŸ™‚ You will see yourself doing things you never thought of doing… in your entire life! haha πŸ™‚

All the best to my Top 10 Coolest People!

Ding Neng

P.S. #BigBadBossMan says he may organize a Xmas party to get all the cool people together!! We’re gonna chilled that place! Hope to see all of you guys! πŸ™‚


(Updated 30 Nov 2010)
** This post won me the ‘Best Attitude’ Award by Standard Chartered Breeze Team! **

21 thoughts on “StandChart Give Me More Than $30,000 For Being The World’s Coolest Intern.

  1. Valerie

    WOOHOO! Hi dear!, making that final kick a** video was so fun despite we were both tired out. hahaa. Well, Of course it’ll be great if you got into the final top 10 but nonetheless, in my heart you’re already the coolest! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. rowena bolo

    We are all so proud of you Ding Neng! You made the right decision to participate in this prestigious competition, and you proved to many people that a young guy such as yourself can produce very creative & high-quality videos & campaigns =)

    Hats off to you for inspiring many people, be it related with the competition itself, your academe, our team, your family (and the list goes on, with your lots of connection and activities!) =) Stretching yourself to make this happen will really make you a stronger and a truly admired leader πŸ˜‰

  3. Jonha @ Happiness

    You are a winner already! The network and experience that this great opportunity has taught me a lot of things and helped me learn lots of things that I couldn’t have gotten in any other way. Ding, you are one talented lot, I know you’ll reach mountains even without this opportunity. I have been keeping tabs of other contestants because I value, respect and appreciate each of you and I truly appreciate your works and just how much change you have on your readers. You have been an inspiration, so please continue being an inspiration to all the lives you’re in contact with! πŸ™‚

    1. Ding Neng | InterNetwork Marketing Specialist

      Hello Jonha! It’s really great to know you from this Coolest Intern contest, along with many other cool people here too! πŸ™‚ Yea. I must say the experience here is really priceless πŸ™‚

      This past 3 weeks, we see the coolest social media people gathered together. I see that something phenomenal is going to be created among the coolest social media experts in the near future.

      All the best for you Top10 Jonha!! Hope to see you some day πŸ™‚

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