Bam! It’s Been 3 Years Since My Last Entry!

See the last blog post?

It’s about me leading NTU Toastmasters.

And that was the year I graduated from NTU.

And today, it is 2016, October too.

3 Years.

What has changed? Lots of it.

Come, let me list down 1 by 1.

1. I’m happily married now! So if you go to previous blog posts, you see that I mention my girlfriend all that…she’s my wife now la!

2. I’ve got my own house now. Ya, married and living with my wife. We got a HDB resale in the east side. We started searching for a house in late 2014 to early 2015, and finally got it in end of 2015. If I got time, I will talk more about house hunting 🙂

3. I’m still into digital marketing, seo, online marketing, all those things I’ve been doing all these while. If you read back my posts, I started blogging all those back in 2010 (the year this domain is registered), but with different directions back then. Back then, it was more of using online marketing to promote various mlm opportunities. Right now is more of doing it to get leads for local businesses and events.

4. I haven’t been doing much talks after my toastmasters. Back in toastmasters when first started to the year I became my club president, I was quite “siao-on” on public speaking. Even contested in the national level district contest. But after graduation, my first job, though is in the field of training/speaking, I didn’t had any chance to hone my public speaking. But still, whatever skills I have, is not lost! Though I don’t speak regularly, I still can speak quite well, and still as humorous (i think so la) whenever I’m given the mic.

5. I have a clearer direction of my career path. Back in toastmasters, I can say almost 90% of the people there dream of becoming trainers/speakers. Nothing wrong, in fact, being a speaker/trainer is a noble career. I also dreamt of being a speaker/trainer too. Just that I don’t know what topic to train that time. I know I’m good at online marketing all those stuff, but yet to have any chance to talk about it. I have done some talks on SEO so far. But have to see la… being a speaker is not my priority now anyways 🙂

6. I learn that there’s time for everything. It’s normal for the young to be impatient. We want everything fast and furious. Once we graduate, we aim for a car, we aim to travel far and wide, we aim to buy house, then do investment, then have a big bank account, then move into bigger house…etc. I realize something, it’s good to dream, but it’s better to take things one step at a time. Achieve 1 thing first, then go for the next one. Then the next one. No point dreaming about lots of things, but achieving none.

7. I learn to take advice from the right people. There are many well-meaning people out there who love to advise you. But you have to be cautious who to take advise from. Some people are there to ‘protect’ you. Some people are just there to see you fail. So you have to be really careful to evaluate your advises. Not all advise are good. You have to see WHO is the person giving the advise. Does the person has the right to advise you? What is his intentions for giving that advise? And whatever it is, you have to make your own decision and be responsible for it.

8. Street-smartness is important. I don’t know how to describe this ‘skill’. It is somehow like an intuition that can be developed overtime, if you choose to. People who are street-smart are people who have gone through lots of experience, tried lots of stuff, failed lots of times. These people don’t take advice or instructions from anyone likely. They question every instruction given. They don’t go the normal route. They take shortcuts, legally. I say this because I’ve seen people who follow advice blindly without thinking themselves.

For example, HDB recommends people to take HDB loan even thought the interest rate is high at 2.6%, when the market interest rate conditions is LOW? And the only draw I heard from peers who get HDB loan is “Oh, when I can’t pay the HDB loan, HDB is kind enough to give me leeway, compared to the bank, who don’t give you chance, and will starting demanding money from you”, When I heard that… OH COME ON! If you can’t pay the mortgage, then get a smaller house la. Also, how high can the mortgage be? Monthly mortgage for a 4-room flat, is like $1000 to $1300 (depending on your loan). Hello… you and your wife cannot afford $1300 a month meh? If you can’t afford, then get a smaller house or what lor. What I’m saying is… what’s the chance of you defaulting on your loan? And you are wiling to pay 2.6% of your loan, when there is little chance you will default on your loan?

Most people don’t think that far you see. They say ‘government say one’, then they just do. I’m not saying our government advice is bad. But you have to think for yourself first. Don’t just do what the majority of the people do.

9. Know your value. Don’t undersell yourself. When you first started out in the marketplace, whatever you are selling, you will always find those cheapskates, trying to push your price down. When I started selling my seo service, I don’t know how to price myself. I started with $100 a month, seriously. I thought of just charging an ‘affordable’ price so people won’t bargain much. But I was wrong, even at $100, people still bargain. But as I was starting out, I did it anyway to gain experience. But right now, no more man. Without a minimum of $1500/month (very soon 2k/month), sorry, I don’t even have time to look at your website. If anyone wants to bargain, then find others lor. So do you know your value? If you don’t know, you will do whatever jobs thrown at you.

10. I have lots of thoughts and ideas, but I have to drop others and decide to act on the correct ones only. I don’t want to get distracted again. It’s very easy to ‘check this thing out only’, ‘to explore this’, ‘have an open mind and see first’. These are all distractions. Focus and commitment is hard to come by. I have gone rounds and rounds wasting time before. I finally got my focus back and achieve some results in things I did well now.

And yes, i do have lots of thoughts to share. Like…

1. How to have the best wedding reception that stands out, but will not burn a whole in your pocket, but still make a tidy extra sum for your new home furnishing

2. How to buy a HDB flat without paying any agent fees (yes, we do all the paperwork ourselves)

3. Why you should not get a HDB loan whatever HDB says, and why a bank loan save you more money

4. Little strategies to get higher bank loan for your house

5. How to make your money work harder for you – the best way to prepare for your retirement

6. Little ideas to make extra money on the internet (legit ones!)

7. Whatever that comes to my mind.

So that’s my first blog post after 3 years.

This blog was long created as a ‘personal branding’ blog to generate leads for my opportunities back then. But I’m not doing all those already, but I still keep my blog here. In this case, I shall not left it idle and blog nothing. People may thought I’m dead when there is no blog updates. LOL

Hence, from now on, whenever I want to talk to myself, I will blog here. I repeat again, whatever I write here, is me talking to myself. I may show this blog to my future children to tell them what i’ve been talking.

So that’s about it. Ciao.