No PhotoShop? No Problem – How To Create Pro Images Without Photoshop.

No Photoshop, No Problem!

Okay. This post here is for people who want to design professional images, banners, or headers for their blog, but don’t have the necessary knowledge of designing, or using Photoshop. Photoshop is a very famous too for designing. However, there are people like me who don’t have Photoshop, but want to design professional images.

So, right now, I’m going to show you how I create my current blog header in and another header in my . I did not use Photoshop or other expensive softwares. What I use, is just simple tools and programs which Exist FREE (that’s the best part!), in every computer, be it Windrow of Mac.

So watch this video below, and see how I Create intriguing and attractive banners which made people giving me feedbacks that I use Photoshop for design, or outsource my designing to outside designers.  However, I did not have Photoshop, do I have any outsourcing done. But I get the credibility of getting my Design ranked with Photoshop! 🙂

I only use 2 really, really simple tools to design. Find out in the video below.

After you’ve learned about it, and try it, comment in the box below to share with me your questions or problems you have!

So have fun implement these strategies to your new image/banner or header!

Have fun and I’ll see you soon 🙂

The InterNetwork Marketing Specialist

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9 thoughts on “No PhotoShop? No Problem – How To Create Pro Images Without Photoshop.

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    1. dingneng

      Welcome Faye! 🙂 Yea. It’s cost effective for people who want professional images without spending high costs:) You’re doing great too!

  2. Moon Loh

    Great idea! I use photoshop but take time to learn from my sis at the beginning.. A bit challenging for me as that is not so easy without guidance. Your method is so so simple.. Thanks for sharing!

    1. dingneng

      Wow! I would love to learn PhotoShop some day :)Haha! Next time you can create a video tutorial for me on designing with Photoshop alr:) Hope it helps you and the team! 🙂

    1. dingneng

      Yea. I’m using this method to create other images too :)It’s really fun when you look back at your own images, and feel sooo proud that you can do it! 🙂

  3. Wayne Wu

    Great stuff Ding!

    You know, if we just look around, there’s an abundance of resources available right at our finger tips to make things happen. We just have to be resourceful.


    1. dingneng

      Hey Thanks Wayne! 🙂 Yea… I realize that we become more resourceful and creative when problems crop up. hah! I never realised I could do it, until I tried it, since I dont have photoshop 🙂 hah!

      Enjoy Life Wayne! 🙂


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