Facebook PPC – The Really Basics Before You Start

facebook-ppc-basicsLast year, I invested in an online education which teach me how to use Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click). I bought it because I was sold by the fact that the Facebook population is growing at such an incredible rate, that you have over 500 million users using then (now 600 million). I was also sold on the fact that Facebook PPC has better targeting options at your audience, and the competition is fairly low (compared to Google PPC). However, as more people see the potential of Facebook PPC, more people have started using it, and it was not as ‘free & easy‘ as it used to be before.

Nevertheless, I have used Facebook PPC a few times for some campaigns. Some are serious campaigns (for real business), while some are just for playing (like testing new tricks). It has brought me fairly well results, but I don’t claim I’m at expert yet. I’m still a learner of Facebook PPC. And if you see how fast Facebook changes, you may just be an expert for 1 min, and the next moment you’re not.

So in this post, and next upcoming posts, I’m going to share my experiences of using Facebook PPC, and what I’ve learnt along the way. So let’s start with this series.

In this first series, I’m going to touch on the really very basic of Facebook PPC. This post will be for people who have ZERO knowledge of Facebook PPC, and would like to start a Facebook PPC Campaign for their business. If you are already a Facebook PPC user, this post might not be for you. You may just want to scroll and sweep through the subtitles and see if there’s anything new. If you know everything on this post, then I would like to welcome you back again when I talk about further stuffs.


What is Facebook PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, which is a type of online advertising where you place and ad, and pay for the number of clicks you get. Hence, FB PPC means you place an ad on Facebook, and you pay your advertising fees for the number of clicks you get. There are 2 ways to pay your clicks.

1. Cost Per Click (CPC)
You can pay by the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) way. If 1 click cost 1.00, and if you get 10 clicks on your ad, you pay $10.00. (Simple?)

2. Cost Per (1000) iMpressions (CPM)
In Facebook PPC, other than paying for the number of clicks on your ads, you can also choose the pay by the number of impressions you want Facebook to show your ad. In Facebook, they count by 1000s of impressions.
If FB shows your ad 20,000 times (20,000 impressions), and CPM cost 1.00, you will pay $20.00. ( Simple too yea?)

Regarding whether CPC or CPM is better, we would discuss it in future posts. But for this post, it just explains you the basics of putting an ad.


Opening a Facebook PPC Account

If you want to do Facebook PPC, you have to create an account. There are 2 ways you can create a FB PPC account.

1. Through your own FB profile.
You can start a FB PPC account in your own FB profile (the one you add friends, share your photos, postings on walls). Login to your profle, scroll down to the bottom of your profile page, click “Advertising”, and start your FB PPC account from there.

2. Open A New FB Account JUST for FB PPC.
If you don’t want to use your FB profile, you can open a FB advertising account, which is just for FB PPC purposes. No adding friends or uploading of pictures or posting of walls. This account is solely for advertising.

To start it, logout of your facebook, go to the main page, click “Advertising”, and create your account from there.

Which is better?
I would say depend on your needs. For me, I use my personal profile to do FB PPC. It’s easier for me to manage my ads when I’m already logged onto FB. However, I have also friends who want to separate their personal profile from business. So they create another FB advertising account.


Before you start putting ads…

After creating your account, the first thing FB want you to do is to create your first ad. Don’t do it! Don’t give away your $$ to Facebook so fast. Here are some things to do first.

1. 2 Admins For Your Fan Page
If you are considering advertising your Facebook Fan page using Facebook PPC, it would be highly recommended to get another person to be admin of your fan page.

By default, if you create a fan page, you will be the admin. However, times do happen when Facebook can ban/block you from your fan page, ie kick you out as the admin. Reason? There are many reasons they can do that. Probably you breach some of their terms and conditions unknowingly.

If that really happens, and you are the sole admin of the page, then you will lose all access to the page. Imagine you have 52,569 fans on that page, and you can’t access them anymore?

So get another admin on board, be it your close friend, business partner, girlfriend, wife, Mom, Dad, Son…etc. At least if you got ban, you still can access the fan page through their account.

fb-coupon-ebay2. Get Facebook Coupons first.
One of the things I do when I start Facebook PPC campaigns, is to use my own money. That’s not a mistake, in fact, Facebook wants you to do that!

However, I believe there’s a better way to start, which is to use Facebook coupons! You got to learn how to place ads, and you are bound to make mistakes and waste money at first. Hence, by first using FB coupons, you can kick start your FB ad journey, without burning your pockets.

You can get FB ads in various places. For me, I bought it at ebay.com. Coupons can come in different values. You can get $50 FB ad coupon for just $8 USD(or lower!). You can get higher value coupons too ($100, $250…)

Once you bought the coupons, do note that you can only use 1 coupon for 1 account only. Don’t buy 100 x $50 coupons and think that you can use coupons all the way for your FB campaigns. Facebook is not stupid.

Also, I don’t suggest you to search online for FREE coupons. Of course, you may find some free codes, but I can tell you most don’t work. I rather spend $8 to get $50 worth of ad credits than spend 8 hours searching for it. Btw, its just $8…

So that’s about the basics of Facebook advertising setup. If you are really keen on using Facebook for advertising, then I suggest you to take time to learn and implement it. Your ad might be crap the first time or your click-through-rate is super low. But with practice you will get better at it.

Any questions for me? 🙂

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