7 Entrepreneurship lessons I learn from the World’s Coolest Intern LIVE Meetup!

As you guys know from my last post of 2010, one of the most memorable First i had in 2010 is being in the World’s Coolest Intern Contest organized by Standard Chartered Breeze Team. The competition was done all online…social media, Facebook, blogs, twitter…etc

And on 7th Jan, the coolest interns all come together! Alright, actually there’s only about 10 of us of out the top 23 coolest interns, as some of them couldn’t make it that day. We had lots of fun, lots of sharing, and lots of foods and drinks too! Haha!

world's coolest intern meet up all

And from this World’s Coolest Intern LIVE Meet up, and from all the people there, some who have achieved tremendous success in the Banking, in Social Media Marketing, Advertising, PR, Online Marketing…etc, I came to learn 7 Entrepreneurship lessons which i like to share here.

1. Dare To Be Different (Mr Vasu)

While having some chips and drinks over at Lantern @ Fullerton Bay Hotel, we came to chat with Head of Human Resource of Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, Mr Vasudevan. If you guys don’t know him, he’s somehow the Icon of the World’s Coolest Intern contest, cos of this promotional video on YouTube!

He shared that when they first thought of creating this ‘World’s Coolest Intern’ project to search for interns, many people suspect if that would really work, because no other Banks have actually done this before!  Furthermore, people’s perception of banks are like … ‘bank=boring, mundane work…long hours… lack of creativity” . So Mr Vasu challenge them and Dare to be Different, and yes! The World’s Coolest Intern Contest By Standard Chartered Breeze Team.

Entrepreneurship Lesson 1:
Dare To Be Different. In our world which is so competitive right now, you can’t afford to be ‘just another guy’. There’s no room for mediocrity in the world. You are either at the Top, or you’re not. The way to stand out from the 1000000 businesses out there, is Dare to be Different!

2. Never Let Your Dreams Drown By Naysayers (Mr Vasu)

Yes. That’s another wise words from Mr Vasu. When they first came out with the WCI idea, again, many people are suspecting if it would work. Whenever new or crazy ideas are brought up anywhere, there are bound to be naysayers who tell you Not to do it… (along with their reasons trying to save your embarrassment). It’s the same for WCI. Mr Vasu says that people are telling them they won’t get support for this idea…it’s hard to do…etc. However, WCI made it.

He told us that never let your dreams drown down by naysayers. These are the people who will say your ideas never work (even before it manifest). Go ahead with 100% belief. When you believe that your idea will manifest, people will come and support you!

Entrepreneurship Lesson 2: Belief. Not 1%, not 10% but 100% belief that your idea will manifest.

3. Listen and Never Assume (Pat Law)

This is what I learn from Pat Law, who own GOODSTUPH, one of the partners for World’s Coolest Intern contest. She gave us a presentation on ‘How To Do Social Media Like A RockStar!” By the way, I only heard of her before, and that day was the first time i met her. She’s darn cool 😉

One of the takeaway of that session, is to LISTEN, if you are doing Social Media marketing campaigns. Do LISTEN and the worst mistake to make is to assume. She gave a very interesting example about a campaign she got to do to promote V*gra. Yeap! And she shared that once she listened to what/who/why people are saying about v*gra, she know how to structure her campaign and make it a success.

Entrepreneurship Lesson 3: If you are in business, it’s important to listen to what your customers want, and not assume that they want ‘this’ and ‘that’. Successful entrepreneurs listens to what people’s needs are, what problems they have, and create solutions (aka their business) to satisfy their needs. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs try to assume what people’s needs are or try create something to solve their problems when in fact they have none.

4. Give Without Want. (Keith Timimi)

I also met up and talk to Keith Timimi, Chairman of Qais Consulting, also one of the partners for World’s Coolest Intern Contest. We talked a lot about Social Media stuffs, what big and small companies are doing are social media, and also his role in largest online economics community in the world: EconomyWatch.com

While we chatted, I asked him a question, “How To Find A Job In Social Media“. I try to squeeze the best answers out of him, Come’on  isn’t that the job most people want to do (Paid to do Twittering/ Facebooking/ Blogging…)?

Simply, to get it, go out there and approach companies and create social media marketing campaigns for them. Show them that you understand how social media works (‘cos many companies don’t!), you know how to engage customers, and also promote products and services through social media. Then, go create a social media campaign for them, even if they don’t pay you. Just do it.

Now many may thinking, “Oh my, they are not paying me for my efforts? I look for another company who pays me first”. But I may think otherwise “That’s a great opportunity to showcase my social media marketing skills to a great company. If I did well and create results, why am I afraid they won’t hire and pay me?”

Entrepreneurship lesson 4: Give without want. Entrepreneurship is not like a job, where you get paid the first month. Starting your own business, also means you might be eating cup noodles for 6 months. If you want to be successful, you got to Give Without Want. Don’t ask how much you can get, but ask how much value you can provide.

After all, I still love this quote by Mr Jim Rohn, “You are paid by the amount of value you bring to the marketplace.” So if you are very sure you are bringing value to the marketplace, you will never worry about you not getting paid!

5. Instilling Belief (Mr Jungkiu)

We also met Mr Jungkiu, Group Head of Strategy,Business Development & Re-engineering, Standard Chartered Singapore. First adding him as friend on Facebook to meeting him Face-to-face, he’s really a very friendly and warm person. Totally in contrary of the ‘bossy, authoritative and egoistic‘ image I have about bosses. He’s such a nice guy to talk to, just like a long lost friend you hadn’t met for years.

While talking to us, he told us that we are all World’s Coolest Interns, regardless of the results. He even had a hard time selecting the winner, that he took 3 full days to make a very hard decision. Wow. Giving 3 full days out of his busy schedule for a Group Head is seriously not easy.

And before he left, he came to shook my hand and told me that he is inspired by my winning attitude I showed when I didn’t make the cut for WCI Top10. He encouraged all of us to continue to pursue our dreams and career in Social Media and believe we will make it big one day.

Entrepreneurship Lesson 5: Instilling belief is important. In Lesson 2, I mentioned about having 100% belief in your dreams. But you know what? The 100% belief never stay for long for most people. When they encounter problems or obstacles, their belief will drop and drop… till it comes 0% when they gave up totally. If you are an entrepreneur, or a leader overseeing hundreds or thousands of people, it’s important to instill belief in your team, and bring back their focus to the prize, till the end.

6. Have a Passion, know what you want, and Rock at it! (Katherine Liew)

In the morning, we started off by giving a short 3min lesson that you can teach every other coolest interns about it. The last person who taught us is the World’s Coolest Intern, Katherine Liew! She shared how’s her work as the World’s Coolest Intern so far, and what she had learned from it.

She also shared about her work with her lady boss (Pat Law) the past 3 days, and what she find in her. (I recorded part of her speech and you can watch it later!) And the best thing I like what she say, is “To be successful in anything, Have a Passion, Know What You Want and ROCK at it!”

Entrepreneurship Lesson 6: That’s it! To be successful in anything, Have a Passion, Know What You Want and ROCK at it!

7. The Real Power Of Social Media at Work!

The World’s Coolest Intern LIVE Meetup clearly shows the power of Social Media at work. This event is way MORE than just a networking event. At a networking event, you will be there trying to get to know the person more, find out what he does, what his interests are…etc.

The WCI Live event is Way More than That! I would say it’s more of a ‘school-like’ class gathering of classmates(Top 23 WCI) and teachers (SCB & Partners). We knew almost 90% of each other before meeting up. We are all social media savvy people who already read about the people up and down before we met up! Haha! It’s the first time we met since the competition back in October.

We kinda know each other what we are doing, and so our topics are more further into what we are doing. Instead of asking “What do you do” like networking events, we ask “So how’s your dance competition last Tuesday?”. You can only do that if you are connected with the person in Social Media! (That’s what I like!!)

Entrepreneurship Lesson 7: Is your business still anti-Social Media?. The Standard Chartered Team & Partners has already proved that they can create wonders with Social Media. I think it’s now time to become anti- “anti-Social Media”.

Worrying that you will lose money and time using Social Media for your company campaign?
Not anymore! You have more choices now than ever, with GOODSTUPH, Qais Consulting, Edelman, JamiQ, and all other Top 22 World’s Coolest Interns! You’re spoilt for choices now!

That said, here are all the 7 Entrepreneurship lessons I learn from the World’s Coolest Intern LIVE Meet-up on 7th Jan. Don’t worry if you can’t make it this time, as I believed we can all come together anytime, anywhere, with the power of the Social Media!

Last But Not Least, Here’s the highlights of the WCI Live event into 5 mins!

Love you guys! 🙂

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  1. Jonha | iJustDid.org

    You guys rock! Glad you have learned so much from the meet-up. These great lessons often take an equality great mind to see and appreciate them. It’s amazing how you always get to learn from simple yet profound encounters.

    1. dingneng

      Hello Jonha! 🙂 Yea. We had fun there, but we all missed you too! Hope you Looove the birthday video we did Live for you there!! Haha 🙂 Call us up once u land in Sg one day!

  2. Duane

    Ding Neng you ROCK bro!

    We’ll be on a plush yacht somewhere drinking champers mentoring a new breed of youngsters one day.

    If I’m not there when it happens to you then send me an email or something bro! Remind me of this time!

    1. dingneng

      Wazzzup bro! haha! Definitely. Haha! Who knows, you might be one of the judges in the 2nd WCI contest? Hah! Yea. remind me if im not there too 🙂

    2. Jonha | iJustDid.org

      Sounds fun, mind if I join you guys?! haha
      Yeah yeah I know, I was MIA in this meet-up, how could I possibly be present when that happens?! haha But hey who knows, right?

      Oh DN and Duane and all the #WCI, I sooo love the video, just so you know. My mom saw it and she loooves it. Wants me to thank you all.

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  4. Praveen@Techperk

    Thanks for the beautiful write up, i like 2ns and 6th

    You have to be different, that is correct even in offline business. of course passion is the key tool.

    Was motivating, 1 2 and 6 were good

    1. dingneng

      Hi Praveen, thanks for being here. and you’re right! Passion is key to success. Would love to write for your popular blog 1 day 🙂

    1. dingneng

      Hi Fisayo, Welcome to my blog. You have a great blog on entrepreneurship too! Hope to learn alot from you too 🙂


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