4 Reasons Why Great Content Is Really Important In Your Blog

Back then when I started out blogging in 2005, still in college then, i was blogging using blogspot, and all my posts are about school works, complains about friends and teachers, or use my blog to gossip about other people in my workplace.

Coming into blogging for business with Ding-Neng.com, it’s time for a change! It’s a business blog, and not a gossip blog. This is where great content must come in. I learn how to write great blog content that is related to my niche and industry and I had really achieved some great results so far, and I’ll share it later.

Why do I want to blog about Great Blog Content?

To put it simply, they are content which are Enlightening, Educational and Entertaining. These are the 3Es i learn from reading the book, “More Friends, More Money” authored by Jason Better, the founder of BetterNetworker.com. Understanding the 3Es have helped me a lot in my blogging journey.

One of the reasons why I want to blog about having great content, is because I have recently read top blogger Hector Cuevas’ post on 5 ways to know if your content sucks, and 4 ways to fix it. Yes. He pointed out how you know your content really sucks, and how you can fix it right.

Another reason I want to blog about it, is because I saw that there is a massive increase in the number of bloggers, but many of them are not writing great content. Many of them think that their content is really ‘great’, when it’s not. If you want to know if your content is great or not, go and read Hector’s post on it.

4 Reasons Why You Must Write Great Content

1. Lifetime Traffic

Yes. It’s not just traffic you are generating. You are generating Life-Time traffic that will keep coming to your blog as long as your blog is alive. Now, you may want to learn a lot of traffic generation strategies like social bookmarking, sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, promoting on forums, Facebook groups…etc

But you know what? If your content sucks, who would want to come and read it? Who would want to share it for you(even if you have a very strong call-to-action)? I may sound harsh, but I see a lot of people sharing useless blog post every hour on Facebook, trying to get a lot of exposure. Nothing wrong. But wouldn’t it be better if you could write a killer-content blog post, that inspired your hundreds of readers to share it (without you calling hard for it), and generate massive traffic for you at the same time?

2. Attract The Right People

I blogged about attraction marketing in my previous posts, and I mentioned that giving great value can help you attract people into your business. And I did it by writing great content on my blog.

But now you may ask me… “Ding, I’ve just started in business, and I only know some basic knowledge of it only. I don’t think I can attract any people“. If you asked that, here’s something to share that you must know.

Don’t worry about that. If you’re going to blog basic business content, you will still be attracting people – people who got NO knowledge about business. If you’re going to blog about intermediate business content, you will be attracting people who have basic knowledge. So if you blog advanced level content, you’ll attract people intermediate knowledge.

Hence, this greatly depends on the type of people you want to target for your business. Obviously, if you want to target people of higher levels, you have to provide great content of higher levels too! If you’ve just started out, Iwould want you to grow and progress onto writing higher levels of content.

3. You Want To Be A Leader, Don’t You?

If you want to be a leader, you have to write great content. Simple as that. I don’t think much explanation is needed yea? 🙂

4. **Your Branding**

Having a very well designed blog is not enough. Yes, you may create a very good first impression. You may impress your readers, but without great content, you won’t be able to keep your readers coming back to your blog (unless you blog about designing).

Here’s a saying … “If Content is King, then your Blog is your Castle!”


Yes. That’s true! That tells you to have a well-designed and functioning Castle(blog) to house your King(content).

I want to add on that your King must refer Great Content! (It’s the King you are housing, not just a worker)

But if there is No King(Great Content) in your Castle(blog), then what’s that uniquely-designed blog for?

Your content speaks a lot about you, and plays a very important role in your Branding. Your Content will brand you. Your Content speaks about your Value. Your Content will determine the Price Tag you wear!

So if you want to increase your value, put in more great content. Put in content of higher levels. Put in content that will show your expertise and the price tag you command.

These Are Not Great Content!

I think I have to say this, because I really see people posting a lot of these content which they though they are great content. Don’t worry, I’m not targeting new bloggers who just started to blog. But I’m referring to some of the bad practices of blogging.

1. Don’t Regurgitate!

I got its definition from the Dictionary.

Regurgitate = bring (swallowed food) up again to the mouth.


Isn’t it disgusting to bring up your swallow food from your stomach back to your mouth?

That applies to your blog content too! You don’t want to keep re-posting information that is already in your blog. This is what i see many bloggers do. When they run out of content, they keep digging out old information, rewrite it, and post it back. True. New readers don’t know you stir up old content, but your current readers know it!

When you regurgitate information, you are telling people you have run out of content. Your knowledge is limited. You don’t know what to write. You expertise has reached a limit. You’re struggling in your business!… I don’t think you want to be perceived in this way yea?

2. Don’t Copy!

Don’t try copy other people’s content, and write in your blog, then claim its yours.

Again, its true that new readers may think you’re so good in writing, but your current readers know you’re copying! Our audience today are educated audience, who reads widely! Don’t try to bluff them by copying an article from a known content and claim its yours.

Copying won’t make you a leader. It just make you a copy-cat.

If you want to use other people’s article, give credit for the author, and there is a very good way to use it. My friend Sonny has listed the steps down clearly on how to use other people’s content and get loved (not hated) for it.

3. Don’t Fake

Faking is really a serious mistake.

If you write about being consistent in blogging is important, but you yourself blog once a month, you’re fake.

If you say you must give value, share tips with your readers, but you always pitch them with your affiliate links, you’re fake.

If you tell the world that network marketing is a business that takes time to learn the skills and grow, but you quit in your 1st month with no valid reasons, you’re a fake.

The things you wrote may be Great content which are inspirational and educational, but your actions speak otherwise! We all know actions speak louder than words. If you don’t act on what you have written, who else will want to listen to you?

Writing Great Content Has Given Me…

1. Free Opt-in Leads.

2. Rising Blog Rank

3. Attraction Power!!

Attraction Power?

Yeap! I’ve just caught the attention of First Class MLM Expert Tim Sales’ staff attention, with my blog post on my Love-Hate Relationship with him. I wrote a 3000+ word article about him, and it was an interesting read indeed. If you want to know why I love and hate Tim Sales, just go read it.

With that, I was selected as one of the few bloggers this coming month by Tim Sales as a stop for his virtual blog tour. Tim would want to stop by my blog, and speak to my blog readers’ desires and needs. And that I would be hosting him as a writer on my blog!

Tim Sales write on my blog? That’s a something I have never imagine before! Imagine the feeling of having the First Class MLM Millionaire speaking in front of your audience and share valuable tips that will help them build their business? Yes. He will be at my blog next week.

I will be hosting Tim Sales for my next 2 article blog posts! Stay Tuned!

One Final Note

I must say that writing great content is not easy, but it can be done. And i can tell you that you will reap huge benefits by doing so (just like how Tim Sales and his staff chose me for their blog tour). If you want to know if you got great content on your blog, I would want you to read the blog post Hector Cuevas blog wrote here.

How about you?

Did you benefit from writing Great Content on your blog too? Share it with me below 🙂

Enjoy Tim’s valuable tips in my next 2 articles!

Till then,

9 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Great Content Is Really Important In Your Blog

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  2. Hector Cuevas

    Ding.. this is a great post.

    The points you mentioned are great reasons to have great content. Anyone who follows your tips on not copying or regurgitating information will be on the right path.

    Thanks for the mention bro.
    talk soon

  3. rowenabolo

    Hi Ding, first of all, Congratulations on being “found” by Tim Sales! We can’t wait to see him guest posting on your blog =)… It just shows that you are doing great things here, for Tim Sales himself to notice…

    All bloggers should follow your tips and should definitely not do the 3 DONTs you mentioned. On a related note, I find so many bloggers writing about driving traffic to the site when their ranking is poor :(… That just doesn’t make sense!

    Lastly, you know I’ll definitely agree with how you recommend Hector Cuevas, coz i’ve been learning a lot from this guy too 🙂

    1. dingneng

      Hi Rowena !:)

      Yeap! Tim Sales posts will be up on 16th and 18th Nov next week, so mark your calendar yea! 🙂

      You’re right, and you mentioned a good point about bloggers writing driving traffic, but they are not driving traffic themselves.

      Hector is a great guy. I think all new bloggers Must learn from him! 🙂

      See you around 🙂

    1. dingneng

      Hi Tim,

      Welcome to my blog 🙂 It’s an honor for me to host your articles on my blog too! It’s a great experience for me during this blog tour, and I hope to be part of your tour again soon!

      See you around Tim!



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