Youth.SG Campus Spy Graduation & Reflections

Youth.SG Campus Network is an initiative by Youth.SG to get young bloggers from various tertiary institutes to blog about ANYTHING happened inside and outside heir school.

It started in March 2011, with an introductory session, then a blogging session about creating magnetic headlines and blog content, another session about creating Buzz online, and another session where other guest bloggers are invited to share about their blogs and stuffs.

Being one of the 3 blogger mentors for the 14 Youth.SG campus spies, it is indeed pleasurable, intriguing and invigorated experience for me. After 1 year, we had our winners and graduates of the first ever Youth.SG campus spies!

We had it in a chic location, at PigeonHole at Duxton. It’s environment is kind of relaxing for people to hang around and chit-chat, unlike a lecture-like setting. I would have to thank Vina for choosing such a wonderful place for all the spies to gather there!

Now, here’s the highlights of the Youth.SG Graduation Meetup!

Theme: The Past, The Present, The Future.


The event kicked off with the ‘Past’, with me giving the ‘Youth.SG Campus Spy’ report card for all 14 campus spies. An evaluation for all the blog posts for the past 6-12 months 🙂

dingneng blogger mentor sharing 1


An attentive audience.

dingneng blogger mentor sharing 2


Then next, is the ‘Present’, by Darryl Kang who shares the 5 popular blogs the YouthSG Campus spies can learn from.

darryl kang blogger mentor sharing 1


5 good local blogs with an added bonus! Only those present will know what ‘bonus’ that is 🙂

darryl kang blogger mentor sharing 2


Then we have our very handsome Luke to share the ‘Future’ – what’s next for the campus spies!

luke phang blogger mentor sharing1


Indeed a bright future ahead for the Campus Spies!

Luke Phang blogger mentor sharing 2


And next is our prize presentation for the best Youth.SG Campus Spies. The awards are based on several merits, such as well-written articles, involvement with Youth.SG activities, blog updates, and others. So the winners are…

3rd: Darren Ong from Republic Polytechnic

Youth SG Campus Spy Darren Ong .

2nd: Kok Hui from National University of Singapore

YouthSG Campus Spy Kok Hui


And the best Youth.SG Campus Spy is….

Sim Lin from Dunman High School!

Youth SG Campus Spy Sim Lin


Of course, let’s not forget our Blogger Mentors too 🙂 Me, Darryl and Luke! Nevertheless, we must also thank Vina from Youth.SG for making all these possible!!

Youth SG blogger mentor dingneng


Youth SG Blogger Mentor Darryl Kang


Youth SG blogger mentor luke phang


And… there’s of course food and refreshment to bring this graduation to an end!

Youth SG Campus Spy Graduation Food


YouthSG Campus Spy Graduation Food2




It’s always fun working with youths. They are energetic, active, and creative. I am not a campus spy before, maybe not you too, but if we do blog during our school days, most of the things we write is always about school, school work, activities, school friends, teachers, among many other things.

Reading all the articles written by the campus spies somehow bringing me back to the early days when I like to blog about school stuffs, especially during Junior College. Some of them can really express their thoughts well, while some are really expressive and emotional in their writings. If you read more into it, you can even feel the stress the writer is facing in school at that moment.

I would also have to applaud all the spies who commit the time to blog about events happening in school. To be honest, we know schools don’t have events every day or every week. During exam periods, the school don’t even have programs for entire month! But these campus spies are creative enough to CREATE their own programs and stories to blog about!

They collaborated well with Youth.SG for campus invasion, asking Vina and her friends to go to their school to give goodies and all sorts of prizes. At some school, I heard they bring XBox 360 also. Kudos to them! I learnt something valuable from these spies too!

Some campus spies also provide valuable information and tips about their school, such as Kok Hui, who wrote many articles about NUS, such as getting accommodation, sourcing for internships or job openings at career fairs, Final-Year Project tips, among many interesting other blog posts.

I believe this will not be the end for the campus spies, but it’s just the beginning, and a bright journey ahead of them.


YouthSG Campus Spy Network Group

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