Youth.SG Campus Spies Going To Create Buzz…

After the last Youth.SG campus spy session where the spies learn about basic copywriting skills to create more compelling headlines, many have requested on learning how to create buzz this time. Actually, we are all in a Facebook group where we can all input ideas and learn from each other. And the idea of ‘learning how to create buzz‘ is being mentioned.



And so me and other mentors try to come up with some materials and information to let the spies learn about the idea of creating buzz online, how to go about doing it, and some practical tips to start the buzz growing.

Meanwhile, I also read through all of the articles written by the spies and picked out the best articles written by them. I believed that there are many up and coming bloggers and writers among the campus spies. Though some may not be professional writers in their school, but their writing is really interesting, and their articles deserved to be shared with many!

Hence I like to highlight 3 articles which I think you might learn a lot from. (I learned a lot from reading them!)


1. Sim Lin – “Just Don’t Talk About It” (13 June 2011)

Sim Lin is currently studying in Dunman High School’s IP program. By looking at the title, i don’t think you will know what the article is going to talk about. But if you read through, you will find that she mention a term called – “Insta-friends“.

In my defintion, they are friends that are ‘in-between’ your best friends and not-so-close friends…aka the ‘grey-area’ friends. Okay. If my definition is not clear enough, then you would want to read her article here, where she is very articulate in defining this type of insta-friendships among us 🙂


2. Boon May – Studies! (18 June 2011) 

Boon is currently studying at Nanyang Junior College, and looking at her title, it must be something about her studies. When an exclamation part, maybe it seems like she wrote this when she is too stressed about her Studies!!

But it’s not. It’s more of sharing a unique way of managing her studies! Go check out her article here. I learned this studying skill in the past, but didn’t really put it to good use, unlike her. She’s another writer who can articulate her thoughts very well, and shows a bit of her personality in it too.


3. Kok Hui – New Student Accommodation Admission Scheme (5th June 2011)

Kok Hui is currently studying at NUS. Like me, one of the things that concerns most undergrads is accommodation in school, aka hostel. What I like about Kok Hui’s article is that he put in effort to create a very useful resource, especially for prospective undergrads enrolling into NUS soon. He made effort to highlight the new NUS hostel scoring system. So if you are from NUS and you want to make you get a room, read his article!

Another benefit about his article is that it is not time-sensitive. It can last for the next few years, until NUS change its scoring system again. In other words, his article will be read and referred to by as many people as time goes by, unlike a typical news article which will expire in 2-3 days.

Other than the 3 campus spies I mentioned above, all other spies also did well in specific areas, such as creativity, simplicity, readability, curiosity…etc. Most of them showcase their strengths in different ways. Uniquely Campus Spies! 😛

Now here are all the articles written by all the campus spies here!

I definitely look forward to the next meetup with the spies! (Wonder what they would want to know then?)

And here’s the slides for the meetup!

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