When I Change My Mind, It Changed My Life

We have always heard people tell us the change is the only constant in life. We have also heard of famous quotes about change : “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. ~Charles Darwin.”

And here’s another famous one by Albert Einstein: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In other words, if you want different results, you got to change the way you do things. The word ‘Change‘ even become a household brand name during Barack Obama’s 2008 President election campaign.

But the thing is, is change such a good thing in life? Should we always adopt to change? If you don’t change, will you become extinct (like what Charles Darwin says) ?

To me, I really I think that it’s not about whether should we change or not, but rather, when should we change, when we should not change.

To make this relevant to our, we do change a lot everyday. We change our clothes, we do change our travel routes sometimes, we change the stalls we buy everyday. Seems like changing is normal here. But there are times we don’t change too! We don’t change our boss everyday, we don’t change our home address everyday, we also don’t change our Facebook profile pic everyday. Here again we see that not changing is normal too!

The examples above might seem that I have made the quotes mentioned earlier irrelevant. But if we see deep into these quotes again, these quotes are meant to motivate us to change, when we don’t want to change! These quotes came about when we are at a crossroads for change, and thinking should we change, or should we stay.

Charles Darwin’s quote is useful to tell people that the world around us is changing, and it’s important for you to adapt to it. Look around us today. If you don’t know how to use a computer or check an email, you may soon lose touch with the world.

For Albert Einstein’s, it is helpful to motivate people to change their environment if they want something better. This is useful for telling those people who hated their job so much, complaining it day and night to everyone around them, but refuse to change job and take up a job offer when the opportunity arises. (Aren’t these people insane?)

Coming to this point, we all now know that there are certain things in life that we don’t change, and if we want something better for our lives, we must really Change!


My Personal Experience About ‘Change’

Now, I shall share something personal which I think it is quite relevant to what I shared above. And this experience got to date way back to the first month this year.

To put long story short, I have been attending this church for about 2 years, made a lot of friends, love the environment, and also love the time I spend with there, including organizing outdoor events, the cell group meetings, violin performance and so on. And the best is it has somehow fit into my lifestyle. But just this January, an announcement was made by my pastor that he decides to set up his own church. And for me, I had to make a decision if I should change, or I should stay. As I have said earlier, the church is already part of my lifestyle, and everything is going really really very well, and changing means I might have to part with some friends, change a new environment, and maybe change part of my lifestyle too.

Looking back earlier in the post, I shared there are somethings in life we don’t change. And when the announcement was made, it is something I don’t feel like changing too. Haha. ‘Cos there are some things I don’t like to change (like friends / environment). I have tried to find some bigger reasons to change, but there is still something in me that resist me from making the change.

I even wrote a super long note to share all my thoughts about why I don’t want to change. This note is shared in a private group in Facebook, and it is really long. Here, I just take a screenshot of what I wrote.

And with that super long note I wrote to explain my point… I made my point clear 100% that I will not change my current situation.


Till I saw something on Facebook…

I told you nothing is gonna change my mind, till I saw a quote being shared on Facebook one day. I follow this guy in Facebook, but I didn’t really care what he shared, until I saw a quote that really strike me.

This quote doesn’t change my mind, but it makes me re-think what so bad about changing. It forces me to see things from another point of view, instead of rooted on the side of my opinion. (If you read this quote again, don’t you think it does help you see things from the other side? )

After rethinking my decision again, I decide to surrender the small side of me, and trust there are bigger and greater things for me on the other side. With faith, I made the change, and I never regret thereafter.


And I’m So Proud I Did One More Change!

Just last Saturday, my new church has its grand opening and there’s a series of events lined up for the day. And one of the highlight of the evening, is a fashion show. When I heard about it, it just passes me by, as I know I can’t be walking as a model.

However, just 5 days before the grand opening, I got a message from a friend who is part of the fashion show. She asked me to model for the fashion show. When I read the message, I thought, “Did she send to the wrong person?” I immediately replied no.

But with every reason I say I cannot be a model, she replied me back with 3 reasons why I model for the fashion show.  And after an exchange of reasoning, I reluctantly agreed. And even after I agreed, I’m thinking how on earth can I ever walk on a fashion show (given my body shape…hahahah…)??

I attended their ‘model walking’ practices, and I struggled quite a lot. Every time I walk, I still can’t imagine I’m walking for a fashion show. But the more I walk, I learn how to do a good walk, and probably a good pose too. I try to ‘model’ the guys in those fashion shows and observe how they walk. And after lots of practices of more than 8 hours, I’m ready to give it a go!

The day arrived (11th June 2011) and the fashion show was a success. Everything went smoothly and it kicked start the full service superbly! It was really fun, and when the fashion show was over, I’m thought, “oh? it’s over? why can’t it be longer…?”  I really change from someone who thought ‘walking for a fashion show is impossible’, to someone who thought ‘hey, I should have walked more!”.

And of course, this will never happen if not for the continuous support of all my church friends, Pastor, and the church leaders!

My dream is not to become the next top model, but I boosted my self-confidence by another notch higher. I have added one more thing to my list of accomplishments. I might not be the best model out there, but at least I have become the best model I can be.

Some pictures for you guys 🙂

Life United Church Models Outfit 1 - Bloc Colours



Life United Church Models Outfit 2 - Glam RockZZ



With my girlfriend, VALERIE!! (& some say I look like Elvis?)



Final Thoughts

If you reach this stage of my post, I would say you really rock! ‘cos I didn’t know my personal experience would be so long. 🙂 But nevertheless, I hope to bring a point across through this blog post.

Changing is not hard. Making the decision to change is hard. Very hard. It does involve the prospect of losing something in exchange of another. We don’t have to keep on making changes to our lives, but I believe there are times where we have to make this kind of uncertain decisions.

As I have shared through my experience, I really really don’t want to make the change initially, but in the end, reluctantly, I made the change. Like the quote above says it, “Surrender the small of you wanting to hang on, & trust that there are BIGGER, more divine plans, & lessons awaiting you…. And Ultimately, they will lead you to an even HAPPIER place, with greater depth & wisdom.”

After all these experiences I had, it does not mean that I have become a more daring person to make the change whenever there is. But I believe I have become a better person in making decisions, and I’m now willing to surrender the small of me wanting to hang on, and trust that there are Bigger, more divine plans & lessons awaiting me… and ultimately, they will lead me to an even Happier place, with greater depth and wisdom!

What say you?

5 thoughts on “When I Change My Mind, It Changed My Life

  1. Valerie

    so proud of you my dear! (almost teared when I was reading this because i can sense that it’s really coming from your heart, not saying that your other posts are not. hahaha)

    i think you really wow-ed everyone on the runway on saturday, dressing up in the outfit and walking down so confidently…

    i guess with uncertain conditions, there are bound to be challenges but it’s during these times that we take the step of faith and gain something out of it (be it good or bad).

    Cheers to the rocking attitude and the rocking you! Loves 🙂

    1. dingneng

      Hehe. All these wouldn’t have happened without the support of so many people, and especially you 🙂 <3

  2. Jeffrey Chew

    Hi Ding Neng,

    You rockz!!!

    Yes, we should adapt to changes. This is what taught to me when I was in the force. Situation changes and so does we – human. It is only changes that happen within ourselves will only doors of new route, new opportunities and new ideas flowing inwards while meeting more human beings and getting connected with them. That is only then, the world becomes a nice new place that we know of since our birth.

    Congrats for having completed your first ever catwalk! Let show us what you made of when we meet the next time.

    Till then my friend, for I wish you well. God Bless


    1. dingneng

      Wow. Jeff, you rock too! Thanks for sharing with me about change. You said it really well. okay…I will show u how to walk like a cat 🙂

  3. Jerry Clifford

    There is a time for everything and it is these changes which nurture us. Life is interesting because it shows us both the good and bad chapters. Thanks for sharing such a good post which is enriching, Jerry. Such posts are exemplary and conveys moral support even to the readers. It is by reading the testimonies and experiences of other people that we become more mentally prepared.


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