What Every New Blogger Needs To Know When Starting Out.

Today, I’m going to feature a post by my friend, Lye, from FindMyBlogWay.com . He is a fellow blogger from Singapore and he has a great blog over there which shares a lot of tips for bloggers who are starting out in blogging.

The first thing which caught my attention in his blog, is his content. Real Quality Content which will really help you in your blogging journey, and many blogging tips if you’re new. And there is one post by Lye which I want to feature in my blog. It will be very important if you’re really new to blogging, for less than 3 months.

Why most bloggers quit their blog before their blog become popular?

What are the 3 advices bloggers need to know when starting out?

Why only a few loyal and important readers are important to your online success?

Click here to get your answer!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

P.S. In a few hours time after this post is up, I’m going to share my InterNetwork Marketing Secrets for my Network Marketing team in Singapore, and I’m so happy to be bringing so much value to my fellow team and help them grow their business!

How about you? Have you added value in someone’s life today? Not yet? Share this post with new bloggers who just started out. You can make a difference in their blogging journey 🙂

5 thoughts on “What Every New Blogger Needs To Know When Starting Out.

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  2. Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Ding Neng,

    Thank you so much for featuring my post over here. I hope your readers who are new bloggers can learn something out of this post.

    You are doing great here. Keep it up buddy.


  3. Michael

    Hi Ding

    Lye is a awesome blogger and an amazing person. He has helped me go forward with my blog through his valuable, straight from the heart, blogging tips.

    Thanks for featuring him here – he deserves it.



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