The Top 3 NO-NO For Entrepreneurs on Social Media

We’ve already know that Social Media is not a fad. It simply changed our way of communication dramatically.

There are many reasons why people join Social Media. They want to connect with their friends and loved ones online, they want to play social games like Mafia Wars or HappyFarm and challenge their friends, they want to organize events and activities, they want to network with like-minded people and look for partnership opportunities, they want to share their thoughts and ideas… and many other reasons.

As an Online Entrepreneur, there are many things you can do on Social Media too!

Social Media can be a powerful communication tool, but at the same time, it’s a double edge sword. It can make or break your business. Before you try to implement Social Media Marketing into your business, you have to understand what Not To Do in Social Media, as an Entrepreneur.

My TOP 3 NOs-NOs, for Entrepreneurs on Social Media:

1. Do Not Pitch.
I think that’s obvious. Nobody like to being pitched, either online or offline. I don’t. You don’t like it too. But too often, we see people automate their Twitter Tweets to repeat sales pitches every 3 minutes, trying to grab some meager attention.

There’s no point pitching about your ‘Best/Powerful/Incredible/Electrifying/Extraordinary…’ offers online. 99% of marketers are doing this, and by doing this, you’re just classified as one of those irritating guys out there.

2. Do Not Create Fake Profiles
…Unless you’re to do some illegal stuffs like spreading radical ideas or hooking up minors. Many people create fake profiles, adding up thousands of friends on Social Media sites, then start their nonsense activity…  like tagging those ‘friends’ in pictures they are not in, posting affiliate links on people’s walls, sending mass pitching messages to online community group…

It’s easy to spot these fake profiles. Just look at their pictures and their social media activities. They will always use  1 or 2 pictures, usually the product they are selling, or some very small tiny picture which you see anything. When you look at their posts, it’s 99.99% about buying their ‘BEST’ product.

I only do business with people I know, like and trust. I know you will too. How can Fake people (or profiles) gain trust!??

3. Do Not Be Disrespectful
Social Media is such a powerful tool that any remark that anybody make, can reach the other end of the world with a few clicks. Hence, it is important to check what we say on social media sites.

Okay, I used to neglect this ‘Don’t’, and it really affected me and my business. I did not realized it, until I suffered the consequences of being disrespectful in Social Media.

Here are the activities I considered Disrespectful:

  • Spreading negative news about your competitors
  • Defaming or Criticizing friends online
  • Complaining about daily activities/problems
  • Using of expletive

Some of these negative behavior will not reflect you well on your branding as an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur should take full responsibility for anything that happens, instead of blaming others. An entrepreneur should not defame other brands or companies in your industry, as it just shows the lack of confidence in one’s own business. An entrepreneur is also a leader, and a leader should spread words or enthusiasm or encouragement. 🙂

Okay, i know this is easier said than done, but I must say it can be done. It took me quite a while (a few months perhaps?) to adjust my social media behavior, and I’m delighted I’ve done so. I attracted many like-minded people who come and network with me, and looking to partner with me now. Isn’t these what many entrepreneurs are looking for?

I know you can do it too 🙂

So, go and reflect on your Social Media activities, and change any behavior you need… Right Now!

2 thoughts on “The Top 3 NO-NO For Entrepreneurs on Social Media

  1. Jeffrey

    Hi Ding Neng,

    Well said!

    No point pitching and it’s the same thing as one won’t pitch his or her stuff over at a party. Social media fundamental is relationship.

    And business building is relationship too. Great post Ding Neng. Keep it up and I know you are capable of doing more bigger things!

    Go For It!!


    1. dingneng

      Hey Jeffrey! Yeap. I hardly see people pitching around in a party, and there is no reason why they should do it in social media space too. They will just make more people avoid them:)

      Thanks for your compliment! and Yes! Great things are coming! 🙂


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