Does The New Facebook Pages Sucks Or Rocks? (Plus Tips To Master The New Fan Page!!)

In my last blog post, I write about the new Facebook Pages Update 2011.

A few days later, I got an email from someone, whom I later found out is a fan on my fan page. She posted a question about the Facebook pages updates, and asked me what she could do now that Facebook has changed the Fan page layout that she has invested time and money into.

She posted her question on my page too.

So as you can see her questions are directed towards to the new ‘small tabs’ at the left sidebar of new Fan Pages. As I have answered part of her questions on my Fan page, I have promised her to write a blog post to share my point of view. 🙂

Question 1: No one will see the ‘tiny tabs’ at the left sidebar.

old facebook fan page tabs

Old Fan Page Tabs

The left sidebar of the fan page is the place where most of your fan page features lies in. In the previous fan page feature, the tabs are displayed at the top of the fan page, thus allowing fans to navigate and locate the tabs easily.

The tabs can be used in many ways.

The most common way Facebook pages use tabs is for their landing page when a non-fan landed on their fan page. This landing page will invite them to click ‘like’ and become a fan. (Click here to see my landing page if you are a non-fan.)

There are other methods like using tabs to create a contest or promotion events where fans can win prizes.

You can also insert lead capture pages into tabs to capture contact information of leads, probably in exchange of some deals or coupons.

So now the tabs have been minimized, from the big tabs on the top, to tiny tabs on the left side, will people still click on your promotions/contest tabs? What can you do about it?

new facebook fan page tabs

New Fan Page Tabs

My View:

I think that if you are just mainly using the tab as your landing page for non-fans, it doens’t matter much to you. Fans hardly go and click on the ‘landing page’ tab again.

But if you are using tabs for other functions like contests, promotions, trainings, advertisements…etc which you want fans to click on to get more info, it can somehow be affected.

What I would do?

1. Arrange The Tabs.
Bring up all your contest/promotions tabs to the Top7. So instead of having other tabs like ‘Discussions/Links/Polls’ which you may not be using, bring up the contest tabs to the top7, and bring down the inactive tabs.

The top7 are the ones that are being shown on default. The rest are ‘hidden’. You have to click ‘More’ to see the rest.

2. Reveal All Tabs for Non-Fans.

You can arrange your tabs in a way that ALL your links will appear, instead of just top7. This is for non-fans only. This is how you reveal all tabs.

Go to your tabs left sidebar, click *More*>> *Edit*. Then drag your *default* landing page tab all the way to the bottom of the links. Click ‘x’ if you want to remove any inactive tabs too. That’s all 🙂

Again, this is for non-fans only. After they become fans, they still have to click ‘More’ to see the rest of the tabs. Hence, Do this, and the action above (Arrange The Tabs) to expose your important tabs more.

3. Put Your Contest Tab Links On Your Landing Page!

So instead of simply putting the tabs at the sidebar and waiting for your fans to click, simply put the contest tab links RIGHT In Front Of Their Eyes when they land on your fan page. For this, you have to do some editing of your FBML to insert the contest tab links on your landing page.

To get the link of your tabs, go to *Edit Page*>>*Apps*. Then go and find your contest tab. You’ll see a “Link to this tab’. Click on it and they will give you the link. Then use this link and incorporate it into your landing page design.

how to find facebook link to tab

Click on the 'Link to this tab' to get the link

Once non-fans land on your page, they will know that you have contest/promotions running on, and they will click to view it. And it will bring them straight to the Contest Tab page immediately, instead of waiting for them to find it at the left sidebar.

Question 2: The random photos running on Fan Page is useless to the page!

This is question 2 from Terry. She also mentioned that the new fan page feature which allows you to display your fan page pictures (like your profile) is useless. At first I find it meaningless too, ‘cos I don’t how to use it. As you can see, my random pictures are all the same pictures shown. Kind of meaningless…

fan page new random photos

But I have seen many businesses take advantage of this feature to Promote their business further! I have yet to test it out and still planning how I can use it. But here’s 2 people who have use this ‘random’ photos to really Promote themselves and their business even further!

1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Click Photo To View Pat's Fan Page

As you can see, Pat put the random photo strips to good use, but putting pictures which describes the multiple roles he has. You can see it right away, without even clicking the photos. And even if you are someone who met Pat for the first time, you immediately know who he is in the first 3s looking at those photos.

Click here to see his fan page!

2. Mari Smith

Click Photo To View Mari's Fan Page!

You can insert a picture which acts as your advertisement too! Look at Mari Smith fan page. Look at the 4th photo from the left. You see a small picture – ‘15 Social Media Power Tips…etc

If you click that picture, it will bring you to the page showing the picture, along with a link below. Click here to see the picture. And the link will bring you to Mari’s page where you can download her social media tips.

And that’s how you can use that ‘random photos’ to promote anything you want! You doesn’t come as spammy too as this photo is on your fan page, and not posted or tagged with people’s names without their permission. And this strip is placed at the top of your Fan page too! Who doesn’t see it? 🙂

How you do it?

Simply upload pictures of 97 x 68px to your fan page. You can put a total of 5 pictures on that strip. Use it wisely!

So It Sucks Or Rocks?

To me, it’s both. It sucks in some ways, but rocks in some other ways. Whatever the changes Facebook made, I think we just have to adjust our marketing strategies according to their changes (since we want to use Facebook for marketing! Haha…)

But if you really want me to make a choice, I would say I prefer the updated Facebook Page. How about you? 🙂

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