The Most Important Area Of Your Social Media Profile?

If you do Social Media, I know you should have a few Social Media profiles, with popular sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may have more social media sites, but I these 4 sites right there are considered the most popular sites right now.

But do you know, what is the Most Important Area of your Social Media profile?

Next, what i’m going to share with you, might really help you in your online business, especially you are integrating Social Media as one of your marketing channels.

Take a look at some screen shots of my Social Media Profiles below…

My Facebook Profile.

Ding Neng Facebook Profile Shot___

My YouTube Profile

Ding Neng YouTube Profile Shot


My Twitter Profile.

Ding Neng Twitter Profile Shot

My LinkedIn Profile.

Ding Neng LinkedIn Profile Shot

Did you notice something in common?

I know you will definitely be able to spot it (unless the pictures didn’t load…hah!)

Yes. You got it!

The Most Important Area of your Social Media Profile is your Profile Picture!

Why it’s so important?

Your Profile Picture is the First Thing people see, before they see your profile information, what you do, what your interests…etc.

Your Profile Picture will give people the very First Impression of what kind of person you are online. (Are you a real person? Or are you a product?) Don’t laugh… some people put product pictures on their profile pictures…

Your Profile is your Brand. If you are building your business online, it’s important to know that it’s all about Branding Yourself. For companies, they brand themselves with Logos. For Personal Branding, your Profile Picture is your Brand! You want people to recognize you by your profile picture!

Here are some tips you can use for your Most Important Area – Profile Picture.

1. Use a picture only with you. Don’t choose a group photo, and tell others the best-looking one is you.

2. Close up of you, with no sunglasses or masks. Your eyes make all the difference.

3. Smile 🙂 Just like how you introduce yourself to a new person in a party.

4. Use the Same picture across all Social Media Channels. That’s your brand! You don’t see Nike have different logos in t-shirts and sports shoes yea?

**Bonus 5. Use the same picture in your Gravatar too. Gravatar is the image that will show up beside your comment when you comment on blog posts. If you don’t have a gravatar image, you can set it up right over there 🙂

In summary, your profile picture is all that matters in your Social Media profile, just like a logo to a company. You will want an image that catches the attention of someone, clings on their mind wherever they go.

So right now my friend, go choose the Best picture that you have right now, and use it consistently on all Social Media Sites. Something different and magnificent will happen to your business, really soon!

If you like, share your best picture with me too 🙂

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  2. Siew Lin

    Dear Ding Neng,
    First of all, I would like to say thank you for your recommand and suggestion. I’ll get my beautiful photo to replace the profile photo.
    Thank you.


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