Sharing My ‘Life Of A Social Media User’ At Nestle Singapore

Social Media is getting more and more popular, and it seems like everyone is hooked onto it! For me, yes, I’m really hooked onto Social Media, and I got to confess that I’m one of the many people who will feel uneasy if I did not log in to Facebook the entire day.

Just a few weeks ago in early April, I was invited to share about my life and experience as a social media user, at Nestle Singapore Convention 2011. The convention is held at St. James Powerhouse, a popular nightlife location in Singapore. Hey, isn’t that cool? It’s first time I attend a Corporate Event, at a place where clubs and dance at night!

There are lots of events lined up for their convention, but for our segment, it’s called ‘Digital Media Forum: Engaging Youth Through Digital“.

Along with me that day are other social media users who have mastered the art of social media, and used them very well in promoting themselves and their business. One of them is popular food blogger, LadyIronChef, and the other is renowned Singapore Blogger Queen, XiaXue.


So what is my Social Media life?

When the forum started, the first question was posted to me. “What is my social life like?” “What are the social media activities I did daily?”

Hmm… so guys, what do you think is my answer? If you are my friends on Facebook, or connected with me on Twitter, you roughly know the answer.  This is what I remembered saying…

Dn : ” The first thing I would do in the morning is to check my Facebook, and see if there’s any notifications, or anybody comments anything about me.”

Jeremy (host) : “so you did that even before you brush your teeth?”

Dn : “erm… yes.” (i bet some of you did that too 😛 )

Then I continued …

Dn : “I also continue checking my iPhone about once or twice every hour, to see if there’s any interesting updates on Facebook, then post some status updates and see what replies I can get”.


Digital Campaign that impacted me?

Next, I then presented a short presentation to describe a digital marketing plan which impacted me. Obviously, i did my homework at home, with some slides before I go up the stage. The slides are quite basic, so I won’t put it up here. Instead, I would directly link to what is included in my slides.

I presented the Burger King digital media campaign. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then probably this video will. This is the first BK video that go viral about a lady using her heels to the crotch of a guy. Watch it there to find out 🙂 And ‘cos of the content, and the funny element of it, this video is massively shared on social media sites, and even picked out my , creating further buzz.

Thereafter, more of BK and it’s “Never Chicken Out” videos are created and shared through YouTube. One interesting video that caught my attention is the use of ‘annotations’, a feature which allows you to put a link in your video. Check out the end of this video. It pops up 3 more links that you can click and bring you to another video. This video gets their viewers to further engage with the campaign.

Some my though it’s just about having fun with BK youtube videos, but there is more to it. What BK is doing is a campaign that slowly leads to its Launch of its new Burger King burgers. And it is launched through social media channels too!

If you have facebook friends who love BK burgers, you would have seen this picture/coupon.


So basically that’s the (really) short presentation of the campaign of to promote the new BK burgers. How’s their result? It’s crazy. With burgers at $1, and with Singapore’s ‘kiasu-ness’ (grasping-attitude) , this promotion drew massive crowds. People queued for hours to get a $1 dollar burger. For me? I didn’t queue, but get my friend to help me queue 😛


There after, other guests, the ‘LadyIronChef’, Brad and Xiaxue aka Wendy, also shared their views on using social media to engage their fans and supporters. Xiaxue also shared how she engage many of her friends through twitter that get her so many retweets and replies on her twitter.

The social media manager and digital marketing executive for Nestle Singapore also shared their views on how they are using digital media to engage theirs fans and product users. This is one of their fan page for their products Milo.


Should you add your Parents on Facebook?

Then, before the forum come to a close, the host asks us to share our opinions on this question “Should you add your parents as your friend on Facebook? ”

Everyone shared their opinions, and some drew massive cheers from the crowd.

So what do you think my answer would be? For your info, my mum is on Facebook, which i helped her create it. my mum got an iPhone too. Hmmm… i think I would rather not say it here. But my answer drew much laughter from the crowd. Haha.


My Take on this event

I really appreciate that Nestle Singapore invited me to share my social media experience with them on their convention. From the response of the audience (abt 200-300 Nestle employees) , I can see that many of them are really interested in the social media world. (Some are interested to know how to track their kids activities on Facebook too! Haha…)

I can also see that Nestle, as a world famous company in the FMCG industry, is looking deep into social media as a platform for their business. And they are putting efforts into learning them and doing it right. Hence, I do foresee that more and more companies will be taking social media more seriously as a platform to engage their customers. 🙂


Below are some pictures I took during the event 🙂


Valerio Nannini Nestle Singapore

Managing Director Nestle Singapore, Valerio Nannini opening address for the convention


Nestle Convention Guests

Polaroid Photo: Me, Xiaxue, Elise from Nuffnang (Many thanks to her!) , Brad


Nestle Singapore Convention guest with Valerio

Polaroid: With MD Valerio. He's a cool guy. His hair is nice too 🙂


Nestle Hamper for guests

Nestle hamper for us 🙂 Great thanks to them!



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