Forget Setting 2011 New Year Resolutions. Do This!

Forget 2011 new year resolutionsEvery new year, 100% of the people on the world always do one thing – Setting New Year Resolutions. It is a common practice and everybody is doing it, and they have fun doing it! I also set new year resolutions!

We have resolutions like “I want to start new business this year” , “I want to lose 20kg this year and have a six-pack body“, “I want to grow my organization to 100 people“…etc…

However, 100% people set their resolutions in Jan 1, but only 3% of the people achieve them by 31 Dec.

Why So?

Some people say that it’s because after you have set your new year goals and resolutions, many put them aside and only see it again on 31 Dec.

Some people say it’s because people just SAY it, and never put it down in words.

Some people say its because they are not focus on their goals, and have lost sight through the years.

Yes. These people are right. And there are probably more reasons for why people couldn’t achieve their new year resolutions!

How about this? Forget setting your 2011 New Year Resolutions!!

Try this method instead, as recommended by on Setting Your 2011 Goals and Resolutions.

Learn this new goal setting strategy for your 2011 resolutions in the video below:

I just learned it today, and i just deleted my new year resolutions I set earlier, and I’m going to use this new strategy to plan my goals and resolutions for year 2011! If you are like me who always find it hard to achieve anything by year end, you might FORGET Setting your 2011 new year resolution, and try that New Method!

If you do, share with me how you find it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Forget Setting 2011 New Year Resolutions. Do This!

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Ding,

    I’m big on adopting short term time frames for goals. Eric’s advice resonates with me.

    Most have a difficult time looking ahead 3 weeks. Long term goals are fine but can cause needless anxiety. If you aim to be a network marketing millionaire but you’re dead broke now it’s tough to take actionable, specific goals on a daily basis in that type of environment. Few can move into inspired action on a consistent basis when struggling financially or with their network marketing business.

    Write down your goals. Set long, medium and short term goals but stick to those monthly benchmarks. Concentrating on short term frames promotes a stronger focus which creates more detail oriented actions.

    Eric really is a master network marketer. I’ve picked up many powerful tips of Mr Worre.

    Thanks for sharing the video and your insight Ding.


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