No Posts, No Updates, Alexa Ranking Drops…But 13 Leads? Why?

Hey people, I’m back again!

First, you might have seen a bit of silence over at my blog, as there are no new posts for almost 10 days. The last blog post is on Jan 27th with a video on Randy Gage asking if you really want to be rich. Yea, I’m away for a while, as I’m preparing for Chinese New Year, and also my trip to Hong Kong 🙂

When you read this article, I might be on the plane back to Singapore.

So through these days, for almost about 11 days of silence, I did not put up any blog posts, I did not share any content on my Facebook Profile or Fan Page, I did not tweet any of my blog posts on Twitter, nor did I submit any articles to too.

So as expected, there are not much traffic to my blog.

Hence, my Alexa Ranking also drops, from all time high of 230,000+ down to 300,240 (today).

Here is a print screen of the no. of views from 27/1/2011 (my last blog post)… till today.

moderate blog visits in 11 days

Don’t worry. There’s nothing for me to show off here. Hehe. But from the screenshot, you can see that there is no spike of increase in traffic in these 11 days. Traffic into my blog is moderate, at about 60 visits per day only during this period.

However, I still have leads to my blog!

That’s something that I’m happy during this period of my vacation and Chinese New Year celebration.

I generated 13 leads.

13 people subscribed to my MLM Online Transformation Training Course.

13 leads during vacation
Screenshot of 13 leads generated

Alright, this might be a little ‘low’ compared to some people who say that they can generate 20-30 leads per day.

But these 13 leads are generated with me taking a break from blogging and my social media activities.

I somehow like to call them ‘passive leads‘, just like how you call ‘passive income’, an income which is generated with or without your presence at work. Yeap. So these are like ‘passive leads’ to me, leads generated without me actively generating them during the period.

How did I do it?

Let me share some of the methods how leads still come into my blog, even when I’m inactive.

1. Well SEO-Optimized Posts

With blog posts which are well SEO-optimized with juicy keywords, your posts will appear at high positions in search engines when people search for it. This SEO blog posts are posts that will consistently drive traffic to your blog, as long as people search for that particular keyword.

I have quite a few blog posts which are SEO-optimized, which is responsible for bringing in me at least 60 visits per day. So with more SEO optimized posts, you can guarantee visits to your blog on a regular basis.

If you want to learn how to write SEO-optimized posts on your blog, check out my blog posts here:

How To Write A SEO Optimized Post – For Beginner Bloggers.

2. Articles on external sites

…that are directed back to my blog.

As you know, I love writing articles, hence, i write and submit articles to the top online article directory – I love this directory so much because it has a 50 million daily viewership, and by submitting my articles there, you will get readers who are interested in your content to read your articles.

If you love writing articles, do consider writing for too. If you write well, your articles will consistently bring traffic and leads to your blog.

3. Links from other blogs

Part of the visits to my blog this period comes from the people clicking on links in other blogs. These blogs are usually blogs which i normally visits, and usually my online blogging friends too.

Sometimes I do leave my links of their blogs, and they also include link some of my blog posts to their blog content too, directing some of their readers to my blog. I really appreciate them for inserting my links into their blog posts. Thank you guys!

If you want to have people inserting your links into their blog posts, I would encourage you to network more with other bloggers, writing good content (so people will want to link to it!) and also give, Give, GIVE more than you take!

You must generate Passive Leads!

I’m not telling you that you should stop blogging for 11 days (like me), and wait for leads to come in.

However, I think that it is really a Must to generate passive leads. You sure will have that period when you would be inactive online. But you don’t want your business to stop (a.k.a leads flow stop) when you are away.

You also want to learn how to ‘move-away’ more from your business. Which means you want to spend less time actively generating leads, but have leads generated passively. This will free up more time for you to do other things (follow up leads, create more content, more networking…etc).

The last thing you want in your blogging journey, is to have your blog controlling you (like a 9-5 job) that will stop running when you are not around.

By actively and passively generating leads, you are guaranteed to generate a consistent flow leads to your blog, with or without you at your blog 🙂


Let me wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! May you be prosperous in the year of the Rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year from DIng Neng
Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ding Neng & Valerie!

8 thoughts on “No Posts, No Updates, Alexa Ranking Drops…But 13 Leads? Why?

  1. Jeffrey chew

    Hello bro,

    Welcome back to Singapore. I’m so excited with your result, you have done well!! I like the way you say passive leads.

    Yup, we should learn how to market properly online to have that kind of results rather than having saying generating 20 leads per day.

    Well done. We shall meet pretty soon!!

  2. Menandro

    Fine article Ding, thanks for sharing!

    You have given a good example to individuals that they don’t need to worry in missing days or weeks without adding new comment on their blogs.

    I myself sometimes miss a month not writing anything on my site. However, my links keep my pages visited – passive leads justified like you explained. More power to you…

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