My Top 3 ‘Firsts’ of 2010! (Also Final Post of 2010!!)

2010 is really going to end soon, probably in less than 12 hours time. And this post, is probably my last and final post of year 2010! Every time, when the year ends, we will always want to look back at the end, and ‘recollect’ what are the Greatest Things you have done the entire year.

Now in my last post of 2010, I want to share what I had really achieved in 2010, and I want to write my achievements in terms of my ‘Firsts’! Many people have their ‘firsts’ in life, be it singing their first song on stage, writing their first love card for their girlfriend, or simply creating their first Facebook account 🙂

Alright! Here are my Top 3 ‘Firsts’ of 2010 (which also contains many firsts within!). They are just the Top3, which doesn’t come in any order.

1. My First Professional Blog –

Yes. I bought my First domain,, (even though I want which is taken by a China Company) from Godaddy, for about $11.99USD/Year. Then I got my First hosting from Hostgator for 9.95USD/month. After that, was born, on 16 June 2010.

Some stats about currently:

–  Alexa: 275,047

Subscribers Count: 164

–  Average Daily Views: 96

Total Posts: 89

Total Comments: 306

Tim Sales PicOn top of that, I’m also invited by all-time First Class MLM expert, Tim Sales (also my idol), to feature his articles on my blog for my readers! His articles spiked up my readership to over 200+ that day! If you want to read it, you can find it here and here.

I’m actually quite satisfied some of the results I manage to get from my blog, given that I blog average twice/week, along while studying. Also, I never expect to be able to achieve those results when I first started! But I chose to believe and work in faith! I still believe more can be done to bring my blog up to higher levels in 2011!

2. My First Shot At Internet Network Marketing

In 2010, I also took a daring move to move into Internet Network Marketing, simple because I see this huge benefit the Internet is going to give me in building my business, especially I’m still studying Full-Time. I also actually go on and share why I still stick to network marketing after all these years, and why Internet Network Marketing in this YouTube Video (14min) .

With that I join my first Internet Network Marketing Company, Vemma, and partnered with many top internet network marketers in Vemma Team Alpha too. I also want to say that I’m very thankful to be personally mentored by Singapore’s very own Moon Loh, Founder of (for Moms). She is also a Mompreneur Coach in Internet & Network Marketing, and blogs at .

Ding Neng and Moon Loh

I also attended my First Vemma Offline Internet Marketing Training, and then I even got the chance to share my Internet Marketing Knowledge on the 2nd Vemma Offline Internet Marketing Training! Watch the video below to catch some highlights of the 2nd Vemma training…

I also have my girlfriend, Valerie, to build the business with me! :)) The one thing I love so much, is that she has grown and learn a lot about Internet & Network Marketing from a complete Newbie! She is now a confident entrepreneur and has helped different people in her Vemma business!

Ding Neng and Valerie Vemma

So did I make money from Vemma?

Answer is obviously yes. Okay, probably I should say I work hard for the Vemma paycheck to come 🙂 The greatest thing to receive in your mailbox after you ended 7 hours of school lessons in the day… is a cheque!!

Ding Neng Business PaycheckI got nothing much to prove here, except to tell you that working part-time and making money from Internet Network Marketing is possible, as I have done it, and many people in my Vemma team has done it too! So Stop giving yourself excuses like “Oh, I have no time” , ” I have no money” , “I got kids at home” . Like what my mentor Moon said, If there is a Will, There is a Way!

Then, I also had my first Vemma trip to Vemma Convention in Kuala Lumpur in November! I really enjoyed my time over there by seeing so many people who are so enthusiastic about the Vemma products and business! I got to take pictures with Vemma Millionaires and Vemma Chief Scientist too! Click here for more info about the whole Vemma trip!

Vemma Team Alpha in Vemma Thist Launch 2010

My Vemma Team In Vemma Malaysia Convention

3. First Ever World’s Coolest Intern Content!

Seriously, my 2010 report won’t be complete if I didn’t mention I’m one of the top 20 contestants our of 1190 people worldwide! Since Day 1 of me into the competition, I’ve been going crazy about getting into the top 20s, by creating crazy video submissions and Facebook videos to garner support online.

If you missed my Video Submission for the World’s Coolest Intern Contest, here it is!

For the rest of the video submissions, you can go to to view it 🙂

Overall, I got the honor of being the World’s Top 20 Coolest Intern (I stopped there)… and I also documented my entire journey of fun in this contest at this blog post titled “StanChart gave me more than $30,000 for being the World’s Coolest Contest“. If you missed it, read it to find out why 🙂

But with that post, I got a special award from the Contest! I’m awarded the Honorable Mention For Best Attitude by the StanChart Breeze Team! And so overall, I won 2 Medals! 🙂

On top of that, I also met some of the cool contestants over some chips and beer in Singapore just before the release of the Coolest Intern results! Some who join us are authors of top social media sites too 🙂 It’s really great to know these cool people yea!

On 7th Jan 2011, I’m going to meet up with all the Coolest people, with the judging team in StanChart and other Social media Companies like Qais, Goodstuph and so on. Oh yea! And the Winner of WCI, Katherine Liew will be there too! I say it gonna be very fun to know all of them!

That totally raps up my top 3 Firsts of 2010!! I seriously love my life, and what I have created in the past 7 months since I come online. Now it’s time for me to bring all what I have created in 2010, multiply it and make it BIGGER in 2011!

Back To YOU

My dear readers, if there’s only 1 FIRST in 2010 you would like to share with me and all my valued readers here, what would it be? 🙂 Just leave it below, and I would love to hear it!

And to end this Final Post of 2010, I’m going to wish all my readers who stayed with me in 2010…


9 thoughts on “My Top 3 ‘Firsts’ of 2010! (Also Final Post of 2010!!)

  1. Valerie

    Hey dear, it has been a great year and yes, my first is to join you in business, both NP and Vemma! I’m thankful that you introduced this wonderful concept to me though I won’t deny that I was skeptical at first. hahaa.

    I’m definitely looking forward for many more exciting days ahead of us. Thanks for your everyday guidance and love.A toast to a successful 2011! 😀 Cheers!

    1. dingneng

      Hehe! Yea! 2010 is really a very wonderful year for us, with you graduating from college, and starting your own business 🙂 Yes! Many more things are coming ahead of us! 🙂


    1. dingneng

      Definitely Jeffrey 🙂 Able to know you in 2010 is my pleasure too! 🙂 Haha! It’s a Stone Cold Fact We have a better way! (sounds familiar also?) hah! Yes! We Have a Better Way! 🙂 Cheers to our success in 2011!

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Ding,

    Congrats on all of your 2010 firsts 🙂 Being one of the world’s top 20 coolest interns is a major accomplishment! Well Done.

    I see that you do really love life. Someone who pushes out of their comfort zone on a consistent basis experiences one new first after another. Change is great; it proves that you’re still alive and that you’re still moving.

    I enjoy your youtube videos. Great energy with these. Your passion shines through with everything you do.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and have a Happy New Year.


    1. dingneng

      Hello Ryan!

      Happy New Year to you! Yea. 2010 is a great year for me, and I believe it must be magnificent for you too! You got me inspired from the start ever since my blog is created 🙂

      YouTube wise, I still lose to the number of videos you created. haha! 🙂 I got to work harder Mr YouTube King!

      All the best in the coming 2011!!

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