Writing Magnetic Headlines And Blog Content

Writing is simple. But writing to get people’s attention may be not. In this internet era, when there are so many distractions around, getting people’s attention to you, can be the hardest thing to do right now. The people who are always fighting for people’s attention are advertisers and copywriters. They got to write ads that get people’s attention.

Turning over to online world, where we have blogs and websites all around, we are also fighting for readers’ attention. There are about 2billion internet users worldwide out of a world population of about 6 billion. But there are already about 200 million blogs.

If you have a blog, you will have to fight with millions of other blogs, for readers’ eyes. But competing could be easy if you know how to draw the readers’ eyes magnetically to you, by implementing some simple blog copywriting tricks.

Below is a slide training I created for the Youth.SG campus spy network, and will be sharing with the campus spies on how to write magnetic headlines and content, that will get more readers to read their articles, and possibly share them all around the net.

Also, if you are a blogger or writer, these simple blog copywriting tricks may help you to get more readers to your blog too 🙂

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