Is Social Media A Fad? Or Is It… ?

In the past couple of years, the term ‘Social Media’ is gaining its popularity, proven by its gigantic growth of people tapping into Social Media.

Statistics have shown that just in a short 5 years after Facebook is born, there are more than 500 million Facebook users currently at my point of writing. If you are to rank Facebook as a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world, after China and India. That’s still just the beginning. Facebook is still currently adding 250,000 new members Per Day!

Facebook is not the only gigantic social media site. There are also Twitter, YouTube, MySpace … which numbers hundreds of millions of users online! But wait. I haven’t even mentioned Chinese social media sites like or which owns the China, the Biggest Internet Market in the World with almost 420 Million Internet Users!

What is a Fad?

A fad is defined as a widely shared enthusiasm for something that is short-lived. There are many well-known fads created, some of the most notable ones are Tamagotchi, an hand-held digital pet which allows you to rear a digital animal, and Pokemon, a video game which features a range of colorful Japanese cartoon characters.

They are already gone, or at least have lost their once dominant market share, in today’s world. Question now, is Social Media a fad, and suffer the same outcome of being eradicated in the next few years?

Watch the video below, to find out if Social Media is really a fad.

Now, you know the answer.

Social Media is Not A Fad. It came into the world, and have shifted our way of communication. Probably, it will stay on for the many decades to come? We shall see.

Companies which sees the huge potential of Social Media, are implementing social media marketing as one of their marketing platforms. Many did well to create a brand online in the social media world today, if they understand the power of communication through Social Media.

As a Internet Network Marketing Professional, it’s important (…VERY Important!!) to know how to brand yourself online. There are just 2 types of branding people are creating online.

Branding as a Leader


Branding as a Follower.


Which type of brand are you out there to create? You decide for yourself, because ultimately, it’s the branding you create that determines the results you’ll get:) (I think you’d have known the answer by now, and probably the difference in fonts did give you some hints…)

Rap this up, Social Media is not a fad, and I don’t think it will go away in the next few decades, not at least when I’m still alive… 🙂 With that in mind, learning how to brand yourself online through social media is definitely a major aspect for your internet network marketing business.

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