How To Ovecome Failures In 5 Simple Steps.

How to overcome your failures

I failed before. I believe you failed before too. In fact, all people fail at least once in our lives.

In fact, I just failed in something which I thought I had a great chance of achieving it. But anyways, I have overcome it, and feel really great about it. In fact, I’m very thankful that I failed in it 🙂

It’s really true that many people failed, but not many people overcame it. Worse, they allow these failures to hold them back and hinder their progress in their lives.

I know sometimes it is really hard to let go, but i believe it is always possible to overcome your failures. All successful people today (Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump…) suffered massive failures in their lives before they overcome it and become successful today.

Today, I’m going to share with you 5 simple steps to overcome your failures. Big or small, I’ve overcome them using these methods.

Now, I’m not some guru here telling you what to do, but what i’m going to share, is based on the struggles i had, and how i overcome them to achieve some of the success below…

  • I know nothing about blogging in July 2010… to making my blog 300,000+ in Alexa rankings after 3 months.
  • I know nothing about social media/online marketing…  to adding 136 people to my email list in just 3 months… without heavy advertising of PPC costs.
  • I failed in my first network marketing company, not making profits in my second one… to earning my first 3-digit check in my current company. (okay, this may be small to you, but hey! at least I got it man! 🙂

Okay. Enough of me bragging myself. Here’s the 5 steps I take, and how you can apply them to achieve the results you really want.

1. Pull down your thick egoistic mask.

I know that you are the best. And that nothing should go wrong with you. However, not achieving something that you aimed for, means that you have missed out something.

Failure is something that people can’t get over with at the start, because they have not taken down their egoistic mask. They still think that they should win it, and they have did nothing wrong. They repel all advices people, and still think that they are the best.

However, if you want to turn over your failure into success, you have to First strip down your ego, before you do anything, or no one can help you.

2. Take 100% Responsibility

Yes. I want you to take 100% responsibility. Not 50%, Not 90%, Not Even 99.9999%. It must be 100% Responsibility! Again, it is really difficult to do so, because we always think that it’s not our fault.

If people don’t opt in to your list, its the readers that don’t know how to appreciate your work. It’s not you that your offer is too valued enough.

If people don’t buy your product, its always that the customers are very stingy with their money. It’s not you that don’t know how to present the benefits well enough for them.

If your network marketing business is not growing, it must be that the product is not a good product. It’s not that you are not working hard enough.

If your downline organization is not working, it must be that your upline never put people under you. It’s not that you are not promoting and talking to enough people.

I think you get the idea.

If we don’t take 100% responsibility, we can’t change anything. Taking 100% responsibility of your failure is your first step to turn things around.

3. Feedback, Feedback, and Only Feedback.

If you ask me what’s the true definition of failure, i will tell you it’s feedback. Failure=Feedback. For every failure you had, it is just a feedback to what you are doing.

If you had done a lot of advertising and not generated any leads yet, you have not failed in lead generation. You have just got the feedback that you may need to write better ads.

If you had generated 100 leads per day, but did not make any sales, you have not failed in conversion. You just got the feedback that your conversion skills need to improve.

If your network marketing business is not growing, it is not that network marketing is a failed business. It’s a feedback that you do not know how to build a network marketing business!

If you equate Failure=Feedback, you will not be afraid to face your failure.  You will know that they are feedbacks that tell you what you need to improve on, so you can be better next time.

4. Study People Who Had Made It!

Now you know what’s wrong with you. Next, go and learn from people who had achieved the results you want to achieve. Go and study them, see what they do to achieve the result you want.

If you want to learn how to write high-conversion sales copy, go and learn from a first-class copywriter.

If you want to lean how to build a network marketing business, go and study successful network marketers and learn how they do it.

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5. Action!!!

Alright. You may have heard enough of this word. People keep asking you to take Massive Action. Massive Action = Massive Results? True?

Yes. It’s true, but its true if you are taking the right actions! That’s why I wanted you to tear down your egoistic mask, take 100% responsibility, get as many feedbacks as you can, and study the people who have achieved what you want!

Only you have taken the first 4 steps, then you know what specific actions to take next! If not, you’re just going to spin your wheels again, using your same old useless strategies (if your big ego tells you that you’re always right), and get back the same unsuccessful result.

But you’re also not going to turn anything round after just studying the new strategies. You got to work, and make it happen! With that said, Go take action now!

To Conclude

Failures is not fatal. Failures won’t kill you. Failures can be overcome, if you chose to. 97% of people are afraid of facing their failures. But if you chose to face them, and overcome it, you are already at the top 3% of the people in the world.

If you have overcome failures before, be it in business, academic, relationships… i know you want to tell me that the feeling is really Really Great!! isn’t it? 🙂

So now, if you have any failures that you have yet to overcome, go ahead and overcome them! 🙂 Then, Share with me your accomplishments here!

Talk soon!

8 thoughts on “How To Ovecome Failures In 5 Simple Steps.

  1. Valerie

    hello! 😀 yups! you got to put down the egoistic mask in order to study from other people who had succeed! both are linked 🙂 heeeheee. hope you’ll receive more 3-digit and even 4- or 5-digits cheques in the future! you go darling! 😀

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  3. Richard

    Failing is just an opportunity to learn something. I think as long as you take a lesson away and are willing to learn from the experience, you haven’t failed completely.


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