How To Live The Social Media Lifestyle

Yesterday, I have the privilege to attend a social media talk by Andrew Chow. Andrew has lots of credentials under his belt, and I don’t think I can list them all here. He has won the Spirit Of Enterprise Award, Successful Entrepreneur 2010, invited as speaker for a social media seminar in Dubai, organized events and even CRUISES for singles in Singapore.

For more info about him, check him out on his LinkedIn!

He was invited by my mentor Moon, to come to our office to give a speech about “Embracing The Social Media Lifestyle“.

But before you go on to conclude that it’s just another newbie social media talk which is to show you lots of facts about Facebook and Twitter… or trying to convince your business to do marketing on social media, then you have to read the rest of this post.

Personally, I have attended various social media talk, some even by my school professors (who doesn’t even have a Twitter Account!) But Andrew, not only he has his Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter account like most of us, he knows how to Embrace them to achieve results he might thought is impossible!

View the slides for the content of his speech.

Before coming to his talk, I first met Andrew in a networking session almost 1 and 1/2 years back. Then, I only had his name card, and didn’t even talk to him. I only heard of him as a person who organize events for singles. That’s all. But this year, I got to connect with him again, through Social Media!

But coming to talk to him face-to-face is different. Just by looking at his social media profiles, one might think that he’s someone who has big ego ‘cos of his massive personal achievements. But if you know him on a personal level, the opposite is true. I would say he’s a friendly guy, a people’s connector, and one who share his knowledge willingly. And that’s what probably bring him to where he is today!

My Take-Aways

Here are some of my take-aways from Andrew’s sharing.

1. It’s more important to have 20 true friends you can call for help at 3am, than having 5000 Facebook friends whom you can hardly reach.

2. If you want to use social media for your business, be open to negative comments.

3. If you only want to hear good comments about business, then remove yourself from social media.

4. Live on social media, like how you live in the real world. Some people behave totally different the way they are on social media and in real life. Some people can say so much on social media, but can’t say anything when you see them in real life…. and vice versa.

5. Finally, know why you are on Social Media.

At the end of his sharing, he asked for FAQs, and I shot him a question.

“What would you see in Social Media… in 20 years time?”

At first, I thought that my question is a little too far-fetched. Social media is growing rapidly like crazy in such short years, and I thought what would it be like in 20 years time? When Andrew heard my question, he said it’s really difficult to answer, and he’s not a fortune teller.

But I like his answer.

If you want to know his exact answers, I would want you to ask him directly, instead of reading my blog post here only 😉

Last but not least, if you are in Singapore, and want to attend more talks like this to help you business, do drop me a mail. You will learn the most by attending it yourself, than just reading the slides only. Like I said, you can only get 30% of info from the slides. The other 70%, you have to get it from the speaker himself!

Here are some highlights and pictures of the talk!





3 thoughts on “How To Live The Social Media Lifestyle

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  3. Jerry Clifford

    Topics on Social Media will never simmer down. It has become impossible to imagine working without the help of social media. Years back we never imagined we’d be experiencing another lifestyle called ‘Social Media Lifestyle.’
    Regarding the 20 and 5000 comparison I completely agree with you Dingneng but I still come across users who brags of hundreds of facebook friends and this time if I come across one I’m definitely going to make them read this article.


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