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If you’ve been building your business online, you would have come across the term, Search Engine Ranking.

Search engine ranking is the ranking of your keywords by top search engines when people search for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. By ranking your keyword well high up in search engines, yo? Having a source you can consistently buy backlinks from is crucial to ranking and banking for as long as SEO is a matter. u will get more exposure to your link or website from more people.

Here, I’m going to show you a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tip on how I dominate my name “Ding Neng” on all Top 4 pages of Google, the number one search engine in the world right now.

Search Engine Optimization of your name will helps you a lot more, if you are an internet marketer or an entrepreneur marketing products and services online. People who search for your name online will get to know who you are, and may contact you for your business!

Below are the 3 tips I’m going to share with you on optimizing your name on Google, that allowed me to occupy the top 20 positions in the top 2 pages of Google.  I believe you would want to know what I did.

1. You must have a Blog or Website.
Yes. You must have a personal blog or website! If you’re going to create a blog that ranks top, I suggest you create a self-hosted blog, with a domain name that includes your name. Blogs that are created vis free blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress can rank on search engines too, but it can be quite difficult to do so, and it may take a long time to get ranked.

So for tip 1, Get a Personal Blog or Website with Your Name as the domain name.

2. Regular Activity Online
Once you have a blog, remember to update it regularly. Google likes updated content, and updated blogs will always rank well on top of search engines. Other than blogs, participate in other online activities like posting in forums, commenting on blogs in your niche, or discussion on social media sites.
The more you use your name online, provided that you use it the correct way (not spamming), your name will also get ranked by Google!

So for tip 2, Update your blog regularly, and use your name often in activities online.

3. Create Alternate Content
Other than just writing blog posts, create alternate content online too! Create online videos or articles authored by you too. Put your name next to your work. Don’t be surprised. Your videos will get ranked highly too. Insert your name into the title, description, and tags of your videos and articles too.
Write articles in top article directories like Ezine Articles, which is what I’m doing right now, and submit videos to top video search engines like YouTube. Do more of each, and you’ll see your name owning the top front pages of Google.

So for tip 3, create articles and videos and insert your name into their title, description and the tags.


Time to show what I found when I Google Ding Neng 🙂

All my results... 🙂

It's all my results! Including the 2 videos below 🙂

My Name appears on other people's blog too!

That's the first search result not related to me...

Page 3... Still my results!

Okay. This by no means boasting all about my Google search ranking results. But this is to show the exposure you can get if you manage to rank your name well high up on Google Search Engine!

That’s not all actually. Below is more of a greater achievement… for me at least!

Before I started my blog, I wanted to create a blog with a domain of “” (no hyphen). However, doing a search, I found that has already been taken by a China-based Food Company, which name is also DingNeng!! You can check out the Chinese site here.

So the option left for me is to get , with the hyphen. I don’t hate hyphens, just that looks nicer and easier to type it out 🙂

Then, when I started creating this blog, the China-based Food Company website, is ranked on Google page rank 1, and I felt a threat that it may divert away my search traffic when people search for my name – Ding Neng.

However, just when I did a search on my name, along with the results above, here is what I found about (the China-based Food Company Site)…

Yes! it's way at the bottom of Page Rank 4!

Yes. I have managed to drive, which doesn’t belong to me, all the way down to page rank 4. By the way, search results after page rank 2 is mostly considered negligible results. Very few people would search for results all the way back to Google page rank 4.

I believe you can achieve the same results, or even better than me!

And all I did, are the 3 SEO tips I mention above.

Right now, go Google your name, and aim to bring it all the way up Google Page Rank 1!

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