Why people still love to send money to Nigeria.

I’m not talking about a disaster in Nigeria and is calling out for people for monetary aid. I’m also not talking about Nigeria organizing a worldwide charity event to gather funds for the needy here.

But I think you know what I mean. Probably anyone who has an email account in their lives get it too. I used to get a lot of ‘money sharing’ emails from ‘bankers’ from different countries, mostly Nigeria (I don’t know why too!). However, for about 5 years, I didn’t receive any more such emails. But recently, I got it again. This time from more countries like China, Hong Kong or Indonesia.

Alright. Everybody knows they are scam emails, which the ‘banker’ will tell you a story like ‘my client has died in an airplane and left 50 million dollars in the bank with me, and I don’t know what to do. I want to share it with you. Just reply to this email, and I what tell you what to do next…”

Like this one below…

Whenever I read it, I will literally LOL (Laugh Out Loud!) Of course, I didn’t reply these emails. I hope you didn’t too! But statistics have shown there are people still conned by these online ‘bankers’, by sending their money over. So even gave their hard-earned life savings.

Why do people still love to send money over?

Don’t they know they are scams who are out to suck their money dry?

I don’t really know. Maybe they really are not informed about these kind of online scams.

We people are very impatient beings. We seek instant gratification and results in anything we do. In our society today, we can hardly be patient. That’s why there are still people who still got fooled into sending their money over to Nigeria, hoping to receive a bigger sum in return.

I’m writing this post is not only about warning people about online email scams. I’m also writing to inform (or enlighten a better word?) the majority of people who are aspiring to achieve great things in their lives. Success needs TIME too!

In the current Internet era, many Internet Millionaires are created. They showed people multiple 5-figure checks on their hands, just by clicking and typing online on their computers from the comfort of their home. Some can even make millions of dollars within 24 hours just by sending out an email. These are real people and they made real money! But do you think they just started their internet business 4 days ago? NO!

If you have surveyed those Internet Millionaires, you would know that they work their guts out, some even worked late in the wee hours after their day job, when the whole family is asleep (Story of Super Affiliate Ewen Chia). Now Ewen Chia, also known as World #1 Super Affiliate, is a real Internet Millionaire.

Too many people come into this world thinking that they will become millionaires just by buying those online courses and programs, and money will start flowing into their inbox within 7 days (but isn’t that what most online sales copy says?). However, I don’t blame them, because I’m one of those people too. Haha! 😛

But as time goes by, when many people realize that things aren’t happening their way, and money are not coming in as fast as they expect, they gave up. They would claim that those Internet Marketers have given them false hope into buying things that never works. They say internet is a place for scammers. But I say they just don’t have the right mindset to persevere and give time for their business to grow.

I really hope that people realize Rome is not created in a day. Everything takes time, including success online. That’s my point I want to bring across today. Of course, remember not to send any money to online ‘bankers’ too!? 🙂

If you want to prevent people around you from sending money over to Nigeria, share this article with them. Help them get informed.

If you want to prevent people around you from giving up in their business before it grows and bear fruits, share it with them too. Help them get motivated to in their business. Maybe you will receive some ‘fruits’ from them when they ripens? 🙂

Now, I want to hear from you. What is Your Answer to Why people still love to send money to Nigeria? Share it below! 🙂

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