Facebook Pages Update & Redesign 2011 – Love Or Hate It?

Facebook Fan Page Update 2011Last week, the most shocking change on Facebook is the Facebook pages updates and redesign. No. It’s not the first time Facebook has made changes to their site designs and functions. They have made several changes last year to the our Facebook profiles, and this time, it’s the Facebook Pages.

So what actually changed?

In fact, many people have blogged about it, and have written a list of changes Facebook made to Pages.

Here is an article written by Lujure – Top 8 New Features of Facebook Fan Pages + 1 Big Shocker.

If you don’t like to read, you can watch this video to understand more about the changes.

Love It?

After going through and playing around with the new Facebook Page, I kind of like some of the new features.

Here’s some things I like about it:

1. Email Notifications

Yea. You will get notified by email if any fans posted on your Fan page wall. This will help you interact better with your fans at real time, as you will get notified through email. Hence, you won’t have to manually check your fan page if there’s any fan posting there.

2. Using Fan Page to comment on other Fan page.

Instead of using your profile to comment on other Fan pages, you can use your Fan page to comment. But to do that, you have to ‘Like’ the other Fan page first. Quite fun actually πŸ™‚

Basically, that’s all I like about the new Facebook Fan page changes.

Hate It?

Some changes I kind of hate them. But what to do, even though I don’t like the changes, I can’t change it back. Just live with it, or try new methods!

Here’s what I don’t like:

1. Static FBML app will be disabled.

Static FBML app is a super-powerful app which is used by almost all professional fan pages to create their Fan page landing page. It allows them to create a landing page that turns their traffic into Fans, with attractive designs and offers.

This change will happen in March 11th 2011. After March 11th, you can’t use the app anymore. So if you still want to use Static FBML app, USE IT NOW! You can still edit the FBML after 11th March, but you can’t install anymore app after the date.

What to do?

You are to convert your Static FBML to iFrames. What’s that? I’m not sure too. I got to learn more about it πŸ™‚

2. No More ‘Suggest To Friends’ Allowed.

I know you may shout “That’s Crazy!”

Yea. It’s quite crazy as you somehow got lost on ‘How To Add Fans To Your Fan Page’! ‘Suggest To Friends’ is almost the easiest method to increase your fan base. But it’s crazily removed by Facebook! I hate this as I use this feature quite often when I met new friends on Facebook, and suggest them to be my fan.

What to do?

Don’t worry. Here are 21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Fan Base by Social Media Examiner. And there’s 21 creative ways to increase your fan base, WITHOUT ‘Suggest to Friends’ function! Go check it out!

What About You?

What do you love or hate about the new Facebook Pages Update & Redesign? Share it with me below!

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