Do You Want Secrets To Success? Then You Must Read This.

Being around in the online business arena for some time, I have noticed quite a disturbing trend. Actually this trend does not really apply to the online business arena only. After thinking about it, I see that it applies to anything you do, if you want success in it.

Do you want Secrets To Success?

Then I think you should read the rest of this page. I’m going to share something important.

Something which I think you should stop doing if you want to achieve success.

First, let me share with you this story, which was shared by my good friend a few years back. Till today, it still stays with me. Here it goes.

Long ago, there was once a businessman in India. He run a gold mining business in India and he made a good living by mining gold in India.

Then one day, he realized that his gold mining business is not growing that much, and he suspects that it may be because gold is running out in India. He thinks that he should not be digging gold anymore in India, and he should go somewhere else to look for gold. He sold his gold mine in India for a low price, and left.

Then, he travels to many countries to look for gold mines. In 16 years, he went to Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, Nigeria, Australia, Mexico… to over 50 countries to look for new gold mine to dig. After going to all these countries, he did not find any gold in these countries. He’s fed up and is very tired of searching for goldmines. He felt that he is a failure, and decided to end his life. He committed suicide.

Now, at this time, the person who bought the goldmine in India from him, made a fortune out of this so-called ‘depleted’ goldmine. This person found there was So Much More Gold underneath that was undiscovered! And he was happy that the guy sold him at a low price.


What’s the morale of this story?

Are you acting like the man who is trying hard to search for gold elsewhere? Are you like him who is so tired of searching gold elsewhere that he finally gave up everything altogether?

The gold I’m referring to, is the Secrets to Success… which everybody is searching for.

What secrets? What are the new secrets? Where are they? Who can tell me their Secrets to Success?

And this is what I mean by the disturbing trend I see in people searching for success in online business, or anything are in. You may not agree with me, but it’s okay. I just feel that it’s important to share my views here.

Many people who come into online business, basically have been exposed to the opportunity of earning good income from it. They are excited about it, and buy a course or program to learn how to build a business.

After trying out this program for a while, they realize that this program is missing out some ‘Secrets To Success‘ in building a successful online business. They realize that they have to buy another program which is better.

So they buy another program, which they think has more information and is being taught by a better ‘guru’. They also think that this new program must have more ‘Secrets To Success’. This program is priced a lot more higher than the previous one, so it can definitely give me higher chance of success.

After going through this new program for a while, it didn’t give them the success they want. Furthermore, this ‘new’ program has become ‘old’. They think that it’s time to buy a new program which will teach the ‘Latest’ strategies with Latest ‘Secrets To Success’. Since this upcoming program says they teach the latest strategies, they can achieve success more easier and faster.

So here’s how it goes. One after another, they keeping looking for the next ‘Secrets To Success’ program. But at the end of the day, they are tired out, they are stressed out, they are burned out!

They Declare that Success Is Impossible!

They are just like the man in the story, who gave up everything after searching for gold for 16 years.

Information Overload!

This is also where the complaints about information overload comes from. People complain that there are too much information out there, that clutter their mind and stop them from doing anything. They say they are being fed by so much information in the online world, that they don’t know who to listen to, don’t know what to do…etc.

My View: Isn’t it good that we have so much information available to us today?
Isn’t it good that we can almost search for anything we want online?

I think information overload is B.S. Total B.S.

People suffer from information overload because they are allowing information to come to them and absorbing them. If they want to overcome it, then practice some self-control then. You have to practice some self-control, self-discipline to Filter Out some information, instead of absorbing all of them!

Some people say that they are receiving a lot of emails from internet marketers telling them to buy this course, to learn this new strategy to explode your business…etc. They are confused whether to buy or not. What to do? Simple. Learn how to delete emails which are irrelevant to you.

What about Product Launches?

People say product launches are everywhere on the internet, and it makes them feel that there’s something missing in their own business, that they have to participate in the product launch (a.k.a buy the products). Then they say a week later, another launch is out, and confused whether to buy that product or not. Then they complain product launches are evil… out to make quick buck… are sickening.

My view: Product launches are just a way of bringing out your product to the market. If you are not interested, just simple don’t care about it. 🙂

Apple is famous for getting multi-million dollar sales in a few days with product launches. See how many launches they have created so far. They have product launches for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad… next one is iPad2. So on and so on! But does that mean that you have to keep changing iPhones every time Apple come out with a new iPhone?

If you are interesting, go ahead and get a new iPhone! But if you are not, just don’t care. Who says you have to keep buying into product launches.

What’s my point of this post.

Stop searching and going for the next “Secrets To Success”. You have all you need within you. Don’t be that man who abandon his own goldmine, and search for new goldmines which he thinks there are alot more goldmine than his own.

If you have bought a online business course, make sure you go through EVERYTHING inside it. Master everything inside your own course, and Do everything it teaches you. Success wont be created overnight by completing that course. It takes time.

Be the man who buy over the so-called ‘depleted’ goldmine. Drill in deeper to get the most out of the course, instead of brushing through the surface (and then say that you need a better course). You may not know, you may find way more ‘gold’ in your present course than the new course you purchase.

I’m not saying you should stop buying courses to upgrade yourself. But buy them ONLY if you have a need for it. Don’t buy for the sake of “New Success Secrets”, or buy new courses Without First completing your Own Course! Again, don’t end up like that man who gave up everything in the end.

Agree? Disagree? I’m open to all comments since I’ve decided to share my opinions openly here. 🙂

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  1. Jerry Clifford

    Great story Dingneng. Its so true, a wrong decision can bring an end to our life, it can make us stand at a crossroad. In order to achieve our goal its really important to patiently work towards that goal. The man in the story was impatient and wanted to make easy money and that too in a huge way, he didn’t even think once about the untapped riches. Success does not come easily and we all need to try to go deeper and learn more.


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