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My Top 3 ‘Firsts’ of 2010! (Also Final Post of 2010!!)

2010 is really going to end soon, probably in less than 12 hours time. And this post, is probably my last and final post of year 2010! Every time, when the year ends, we will always want to look back at the end, and ‘recollect’ what are the Greatest Things you have done the entire year.

Now in my last post of 2010, I want to share what I had really achieved in 2010, and I want to write my achievements in terms of my ‘Firsts’! Many people have their ‘firsts’ in life, be it singing their first song on stage, writing their first love card for their girlfriend, or simply creating their first Facebook account 🙂

Alright! Here are my Top 3 ‘Firsts’ of 2010 (which also contains many firsts within!). They are just the Top3, which doesn’t come Continue reading