A Day In My Future

As part of the initiative to build empathy and understanding towards older persons, I took part in an activity promoted by the Council For Third Age and Oglivy. Council For Third Age (C3A)  is the non-government agency responsible for ageing-related issues in Singapore , while Oglivy is famously known as the Giant in the advertising, marketing, and PR industry. The activity proposed by them got me into a special set of clothing and attire, that will make me feel physically like how I would feel like in 2050.

BCouncil For Third Age Oglivyy 2050, I would be 62 years old. And most probably, I would be feeling heavier in my limbs, less flexible as of now, and less agile. So, with these physical limitations, what would my daily life be like in 2050? I wore this ‘2050’ suit and try out a daily task at home.

Oh My. I really have difficulty doing that simple task when I put on that attire. My body feel so restricted. Maybe that’s the function of the attire – to make me feel physically restricted like a 62 year old man. So after experiencing myself in that suit, I wrote down my feelings in a ‘journal’ format – A Day In My Future (in 2050).

This A Day In My Future entry is just a note of my feelings at the age of 62, but little did I know I have written almost 1000 words about it. I’ve submitted to C3A a copy of my 2050 journal.

If you like to read about, simply click here. I’ve prepared it in a PDF file for easy-reading!

I would really appreciate if you could leave a comment below to share your reflections with me after reading it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Day In My Future

  1. Valerie

    Great write up on ‘a day in my future’ and has evoked feelings when i read it. like not picking up the phone, reminded me of the times when i call my mum and she was doing something else hence didn’t answer the call. i guess i shouldn’t judge too quickly. hahahaa. overall, thumbs up !(:

  2. Jerry Clifford

    As interesting as always Ding, another great article. Other than imagining life after retirement I’ve also imagined myself with heavy limbs, sunken eyes…etc unable to move around and this is a fact which we all have to experience.

  3. Emmy Guo

    Cool writing, Ding Neng. Most of the time reading article about back to future instead of imagine yourself way ahead. What am I doing at age 62? Oops, I better not dreaming now. Time to get into my plans and create a better future when I am 62.


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