6 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Failure

This is a guest post by Valerie Chan from VemmaPedia.com.

overcome fear of failureThere are many types of fears that you face in your daily life and I’m going to touch on fear of failure. I believe that the fear of failure is one of the strongest forces that is preventing you to achieve your fullest potential. You may say that it’s too risky to try new things but you’ll never know when you miss out on that valuable opportunity if you don’t even try. Hence, many people live below their potential in their whole lifetime on earth!

I’ve discovered the following ways that you can curb your fear of failure 🙂

1. Have a backup plan
This can help to reduce the risks because even if your plan A fails, you have a plan B. Also, it helps you to deal with the risk rationally so that you are able to get the advantages of high risk opportunities.

2. Measure the loss if you did not take up the opportunity
Majority of the people fail to analyze the benefits that they will be losing by not taking up opportunities. With each opportunity, it is wiser for you to measure what you will be losing if you had not taken up the opportunity right in front of you. For example, you may lose the chance of building your own business if you let an opportunity pass you by just because you have the fear of failure.

3. Find out all possible outcomes
You may benefit by researching the possible outcomes to make sure that you understand the risk of failing and the benefits of success. As ambiguity is a major source of fear, finding out the possible outcomes (both good and bad) can help to reduce the fear of failure.

4. List out the worst scenario
Let me ask you a question: What is the worst you can get from calling your prospect? Well the worst scenario is having prospects rejecting you with a ‘NO!’ or with an uninterested tone. Many a times,  the worst case scenario is far less than what you had anticipated.

5. To be aware of the advantages of failure
Who likes failing? Of course I can assure you that majority of the people out there will hate it. However, failing has its up side too! Each time you fail, is a stepping stone to your success, it’s an opportunity for you to grow and learn from your mistakes.

For example, if you fail in advertising what you have to offer to your target audience, you suffer some financial loss but the lessons learnt will outweigh the loss. Lessons learnt can be things like learning how to use the suitable targeting strategies for various segments for your market or using a entire different advertising strategy for your campaign.

6. Action
Last but definitely not the least, it is important for you to take action! Taking action is by far, the best way to overcome fear and build your confidence. For example, you need to call your prospects but you have the fear of not knowing what to say. I would advise you to just pick up the phone and call! Once you’ve overcome your first call, the next ones will be much easier. Take baby steps to achieve your goal! 😀

Each and everyone of us have goals that may seem to be blocked by many barriers. Just step out and go for it because most of the time, these barriers are created by your imagination. I will leave you with this quote – “Goals are carved on stones but methods are written on sand,” always fix your goals and make adjustments to the methods that you use to achieve your goals. Don’t forget to stay focus as well! 😀

Valerie is a passionate blogger when it comes to building relationships with others and her forte is in personal development, social media and network marketing. To know more about Valerie and her business, visit www.VemmaPedia.com

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    1. Valerie

      Hi Viviana, yup, people are talking about fear of success as well. There are many types of fear but I chose to focus on just the fear of failure because I feel that there are many people who struggle with this fear 🙂

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